Sunday, October 17, 2010

Some more things I’m grateful for in Hervey Bay:

1. HERVEY BAY LOCALS: I’m grateful to all the locals from Hervey Bay who came along to the RSL club to have a yarn with me on Wednesday, 13 October. Thanks also to Aunty Marie Wilkinson for her generous and warm welcome to Butchella country. I was in wonderful company as seen in today’s pic by Jocelyn Watts of the Fraser Coast Chronicle.
2. JOB SMART: So generous were the locals, that after my speech Robert Garland from Job Smart handed me a donation for the La Perouse Public School. The money will go towards art supplies for our wonderfully talented students. I handed it over today and everyone is VERY grateful.... and excited.
3. GLENDYNE EDUCATION AND TRAINING CENTRE : I’m grateful for the opportunity to visit Glendyne with Josie Montano and yarn about writing, storytelling and following dreams. As I stood there talking to both Murri and non-Indigenous students, I was reminded of the joy of working with young people.
4. JEFFREY: I’m grateful for meeting Jeffrey at Glendyne. He wants to be a boxer and I have no doubt whatsoever that he will reach his full potential and all his life goals.
5. HERVEY BAY LIBRARY: I love libraries; I always have, even before I had books of my own in them. Now I have even MORE respect and gratitude to librarians. I really enjoyed my time at the Hervey Bay library where I had the opportunity to talk about the research for Manhattan Dreaming.
6. KEBAB BOY: Apologies for the title, but I cannot remember his name – although he did tell us. Here was a young man confronted with three starving women – two crazy Kooris one irresistible Italian – and yet he was so devoted to mixing a ‘special hot sauce’ for the ‘special hot Commissioner’ that he wasn’t flustered at all by us. Our brief culinary encounter was another reminder of the polite young people in Hervey Bay. Oh, they have great kebabs also.

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