Monday, August 30, 2010

What you can do on September 1st to support Indigenous Literacy Day...

1. BUY A BOOK: Head into a participating bookseller nationally and any purchase you make will assist our fundraising efforts. On Sept 1st 10% or more will be donated for every sale / invoice by the bookseller AND the publisher. So please, consider doing your Christmas shopping on Wednesday and kill two birds with one stone / purchase. To find your nearest participating bookstore click here!
If you’re in Alice Springs, head into Dymocks and buy a copy or two of Fishtails in the dust: writing from the centre published by Ptilotus Press. 10% of sales of this fabulous anthology will go towards the ILP as an ongoing donation. You can also order it on-line here!
2. ATTEND AND EVENT: There are Great Books Swaps happening around the country on Wednesday September 1st, and a few weeks following and you can be part of it. To find out where the nearest event is to you, click here. If there’s not one listed then contact the Indigenous Literacy Project mob on: (02) 9555 5605 / email: or better still, organise your own!
3. DONATE ON LINE: Take the easy way out. I often do! And just get on-line and make your donation here. All donations over $2 are tax deductible and every cent is appreciated.
4. DONATE A BOOK BUZZ PACK: The Book Buzz project aims to raise literacy levels of young children living in remote communities by recognising the need for early experience and contact with books. You can make a genuine contribution to the life a child in a remote Indigenous community by sending a book pack which contains 12 wonderful books. Each Book Buzz pack costs $140AUD. Donate one here!
5. RAISE AWARENESS: Allow your staff, students and yourself to stop and read for at least 15 minutes on Wednesday as an act of remembering those who aren’t fortunate enough to enjoy all the benefits that being literate can bring.

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