Sunday, August 29, 2010

What I’m grateful for this weekend... August 28/29...

1. SPARKLES CUPCAKERY: I had a cupcake date at Sparkles Cupcakery in Surry Hills. What a fabulous place for any occasion. When I walked in, I thought it wouldn’t be so bad if the fella didn’t show up because then I could just sit and devour any number of the baked treats. Of course he did show up and I had to settle for only one: the white chocolate and strawberry, and I’m grateful for that but I think next time I’ll have the lemon squeeze, or the oriental flower or maybe even both!
2. COOGEE CATCHUP: There is no better place to be any day of the week than down Coogee Beach (of course, it’s much better when there are no backpackers around). I’m grateful for some stunning weather and company enjoyed at Cerviche overlooking the sea.
3. YUM CHA: Ok, I know there’s a lot of food here, especially for someone who doesn’t cook, but as you know, my life – personal and professional - revolves around breaking bread, so to speak. So, today I was grateful for the long-awaited catch up with friends over yum cha at Regal Marigold in China Town. Now, here’s a novel idea. Sit at a table and just order from an endless convoy of trolleys carrying food. Yes, the perfect Sunday lunch!
4. BELLE FLEUR CHOCOLATES: I am a woman with a complete life. I need for nothing materially and my friends know that. And so, the only thing they feel comfortable giving me sometimes are chocolates. I am SO grateful to Caro who gifted me a nice little box of Belle Fleur chocolates in Balmain today. They are staring at me right now... willing me to undo the ribbon. I am trying to be strong...
4. CRUNCHES: Ok, to be honest, I’m more grateful for Crunchy peanut butter than crunches, but I thought I should add something remotely healthy to today’s blog. Amidst all my ‘indulging’ I did get to the gym twice, and did my fair share of crunches.

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