Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What I'm grateful for June 8...

1. DETOX DAY 2: It’s hard! Really, really, really hard! My body is going into shock, the headache was chronic today and I was dizzy from lack of sugar. I’m grateful that I’m pushing on... but it ain’t easy!
2. TWUGIA: Today was the 6th workshop with my gifted and talented Koori kids from south western Sydney. We meet at East Hills Girls School every few weeks and today we had an intensive editing session. Their anthology of writing is taking shape, and truly, I am grateful for the inspiration they unknowingly give me every time we meet. Pic of the Twugia logo, designed by Students from Dorchester School
3. FRIENDSHIP: As I walked in my front door tonight I took a moment to acknowledge and be grateful for all the friends in my life. There is not one night a week that I need to eat alone. If I do so it’s because I choose to, or am working late. There’s always someone for me to catch up with or just hangout with. As I frocked up for dinner with Mark Macleod tonight, I was grateful for how fortunate I am to have so many wonderful people in my life.
4. MARK MACLEOD: It was special to spend time with my old friend tonight. An agenda was needed to get through the writing, editing and publishing projects we have, the potential for future projects, the travel ahead of us, who’s doing what in the industry, what’s going on our personal lives, and the swapping of our latest titles. Mark gave me his stunning new kids book Wrong Way illustrated by Judith Russell. I just keep running my hand over the gorgeous cover with a picture of the main character Wrong Way, the duck! All while trying to consume food that was allowed on my detox; veges and tofu, very exciting. Mark didn’t realise that even his Diet Coke looked impressive to me. I just wanted a mouthful... just a mouthful! Spending time with Mark was food for the soul as we talked about all the goodness the universe provides to us.
5. LUNGES: Ok, I’m lying here, I’m not grateful for this exercise, but if it works... eventually... I guess I will be! I’m going to quote Wrong Way the Duck here and say, ‘My legs are bored.’

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