Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What I'm grateful for June 6...

1. SUNSHINE: I was so grateful the sun shone for at least half the day and allowed the much planned and organised fundraising walk to go ahead. Rain would’ve meant I’d have to stay in bed, and you know, I’m too hyped up to do that!
2. COMMUNITY MINDEDNESS: I’m grateful I was part of the MS Walkathon and Fun Run today that kicked off in Hyde Park. I was pleased to be part of a community of like-minded people wanting to raise funds and awareness for an illness that affects an estimated 18,000 Australians!
3. SPONSORS: I’m grateful to and want to thank those who sponsored the Wilson Warriors in our 9km around Sydney. We raised $840 and the pic above is of moi and my nephews Matt and Ben.
4. GOZLEME: I’m grateful for being introduced to this delicious savoury Turkish dish, made from hand-made rolled pastry (I watched the women doing it) and filled with cheese and spinach. You can add mushrooms and meat if you like. A squeeze of lemon and yummo!
5. SUN HERALD: I was grateful for the free Sun Herald because it gave me something to sit on in Hyde Park as the grass was still wet from weeks of rain!

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