Saturday, June 19, 2010

What I'm grateful for June 18 (OZ and US time)...

1. SECURITY PAT DOWN: There’s something to be said for a complete stranger legally running their hands all over your body in search of something you shouldn’t be travelling with. It’s my favourite part of leaving the country!
2. BLACKFELLAS IN BUSINESS CLASS: I can learn to live like this for sure. Not that I have a big butt but the seats are nice and wide!
3. TREV FROM CANBERRA: Really liked the fella next to me. Trev enjoyed a glass of bubbly, a plate of cheese and the QANTAS pjs as well (neither of us was ever going to put ours on in public though. That would be social-butterfly suicide.) Trev also wanted me to note in this blog that he generously offered me his eye-mask when I couldn’t find my own. You know you’re going to be friends for life when you don’t put up the barrier between your seats. See you back in the Capital, Trev!
4. PLANES THAT LAND: yes, am always happy when this happens although I do have a mantra to save me from worse case scenarios. Am not going to share it for fear it may jinx myself. So, was very happy that I arrived in Los Angeles.
5. CALIFORNIAN HOSPITALITY: I have been blessed today locals being exceptionally kind and generous in their time and interest in ensuring I have a great time in this State. Laura took me shopping and to lunch at Costa Mesa; what a fabulous way to start my stay in the USA.
6. TIFFANY & CO: Of course you all know I am a massive Tiffany’s fan collecting something from every city in the world. Today I added to the collection with support from Random House Australia (my publisher), with a purchase of the new signature key from the Costa Mesa store.
7. LUTISHIA LOVELY: It’s always great to spend time being inspired by other authors and tonight provided me with the opportunity to catch up with the down-to-earth diva, Ms Lutisha Lovely. Talk about churning out the books, check out her publication list here.

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