Friday, May 21, 2010

What I'm grateful for Tuesday May 18...

1. CREATIVE KOORI KIDS: When I drive along the M5 out to East Hills to work with my kids, I am so grateful for my life, my day, my time with such creative minds. I’m going to miss them when our project is over, though we’ll have our anthology as a keepsake. Stay tuned for launch details later in the year.
2. SWF OPENING NIGHT: I’m always grateful for an invitation to the opening night of the Sydney Writers’ Festival. No – it’s not because free food and wine interests me. Clearly I have enough of both in my life already. I’m actually grateful for the chance to frock up and catch up – with people like storyteller and author Boori Pryor and Judith Ridge (Western Sydney Young People's Literature Officer) – pic of us three above
3. NRMA: Before I arrived at the party though, I had to deal with a flat tyre in the rain down at Walsh Bay. I was grateful for the quick and efficient response by the NRMA and my new best-friend Ken who had it all fixed in no time. Yes, I am sure I could’ve done it myself, but not in heels and dress in the rain. And anyways, that’s why we pay memberships, yes?
4. WIG: I am so grateful for my wig. People who don’t know I’m wearing it think I’ve got gorgeous hair!
5. MEETING NEW PEOPLE: I was grateful for the opportunity to meet new people at the party – authors, editors, agents, publishers. Now, if only I could remember their names? It would if authors didn’t swap name-tags!


Kylie L said...

Great post! Those lucky lucky authors who got to meet you for real :)

Dr Anita Heiss said...

Thanks Kylie - it was a fun night! Peace, Anita