Sunday, May 16, 2010

What I'm grateful for this weekend...

1. GOODWILL: I’m grateful for the goodwill of so many people that made the Songs for Stories concert a roaring success last night. A fundraising activity for the Indigenous Literacy Project, all performers and project coordinators donated their time, energy and skills. Kudos to Louisa Deer (Hatchett), David Gaunt (Gleebooks), Karen Williams (ILP), Moira Hay (Production Manager), Suzy Wilson (founder of the ILP). Acknowledgement to all the performers: Street Warriors, Koomurri Dance Troupe, David Malouf (ILP Ambassador), Katie Noonan and the Captains, Maggie Noonan and Adam Hill and the deadly Josh Pyke. The highlight of the night for me was the grand finale with all performers on state singing the Street Warrior remake of Goanna’s Solid Rock. You can watch the video here!
2. UNCLE MAX : I just have to mention Uncle Max Eulo. He is from the Budjedi tribe of western NSW and is the star wherever he is. Uncle Max is a regular at many cultural events and does most of the smoking ceremonies around Sydney. He recently smoked the National Centre for Indigenous Studies and my brother’s school Christian Brothers Lewisham. Uncle Max was keen for a pic last night – as was I – and I’m grateful he didn’t get any ochre on my new black jacket! Love ya Unc! [Pic above]
3. JULIE McCROSSIN: Yes, I know I know, I’ve mentioned Julie McCrossin before, but seriously, the woman is brilliant. She was a stunning MC of the concert last night, helping the program move efficiently – when there weren’t issues with the sound – and keeping us in fits of laughter when hiccups presented themselves. I’m grateful that such a wonderfully warm and generous person is part of the Fred Hollows Foundation – a partner in the Indigenous Literacy Project. [Pic of my new best-friend Julie]
4. ILP SUPPORTERS: I’m grateful to everyone who bought tickets and came along last night. Their attendance and generosity contributed to our overall goal of getting more books into remote Indigenous communities so our kids can read and enjoy the life they are entitled to.
5. DEBRIEFS: What I’ve learnt over time is the importance and benefits of debriefing after both fabulous and challenging events. I was grateful last night for the debrief with my brother Mark, Judith and Renee.[Pic of Renee and I at the Town Hall]

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