Sunday, May 2, 2010

What I'm grateful for this weekend...

1. COMMUNITY THEATRE: I took myself off to experience the Chester St Theatre Group Inc and their production of Dinkum Assorted. I was interested in the story of wartime Australia (1942), life in the country town of Warrabadanga and a passionate group of women working in the local biscuit factory. And I was proud to see my friend Joan Rodd playing the role of Big Beet – and I’m not biased at all, but Big Beet had the best lines of the production. I found sitting in the Chester Street Uniting Church Hall in Epping inspiring. I was grateful for the reminder of the place and importance of community theatre in our culture as I made small talk with other theatre goers and local supporters . I think I’ll check out what my own local theatre group is up to. [Today's pic of me and Terri Janke - my sister in Saturday night community theatre activities...]
2. WORD COUNTS: Yes they do matter because I have a contract that says I will deliver a certain amount... I’m grateful then that my goal of 70,000 words is getting closer and closer. It has meant working on the weekend, but that’s the writerly life and I love it!
3. CHARLIE BROWN: I am SO grateful to Australian designer Charlie Brown because she makes gorgeous, elegant, classy and groovy clothes for women with flesh, curves and boobs. I have worn Charlie Brown dresses to speaking engagements in Tahiti, Beijing, the Sydney Opera House, the QLD State Library, numerous writers festivals and on telly. I started to panic today because I didn’t have a frock for the upcoming 2010 Women of Style Awards ceremony on May 11. With all the faith in world, I headed into Charlie Brown and found at least three frocks that would do the job well. Just a word of advice to the other Australian designers: why don’t you start designing for women who look like they’ve reached puberty already! Many of us will never be a size 8 and don’t want to be. We’re healthy and happy the way we are and we like to wear pretty clothes also!
4. MUM’s HOUSE: I’m grateful that I live 400m from Mum’s house. It’s easy to see her every day, check she’s all right, I can do my washing, and of course, like all Mum’s houses... my mum always has a fridge full of goodies. Today, I found a lonely Lindt Easter egg... sorry Mum, but you should’ve known to hide it! Yummo!
5. MY BED: I’ve slept in a lot of strange beds these past months – and yes that sounds far more interesting and exciting that it really is – and so I am grateful to be home in my own. I love my pillows, my linen, the fact that my bed faces south – the correct feng shui for me.


Anonymous said...

Hi ma'am i'm Ahmed from Sudan and study literature in India tomorrow i have an exam on australian lit. and m enjoying ur poetry collection Token Koori, keep smiling dear.

Dr Anita Heiss said...

Hi Ahmed, hope the exam went well and you get something from my words in TOKEN KOORI. Peace, Anita

Vikash said...

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