Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What I am grateful for May 3...

1. MY FRIEND ‘M’: My friend ‘M’ is the best friend you could ever hope for. I’m allowed to choose the restaurant, the movie, the wine, the pizza. I am so grateful for a friendship that makes me seem like I am right most of the time and in control of at least one thing in my life! We had fun tonight.
2. CREATIVE MINDS: My students of the Twugia project are some of the most creative students I have ever had the pleasure of working with. They blew me away today with their characters – creating them within minutes of being given an item of clothing to wear: a hat, a pair slippers, a tiara, a lei, a beanie, some loofah gloves and even oven mitts! Their characters ended up everywhere from the South Pole to Hawaii. What a wonderful hour just on that exercise. See today’s pic of my fabulous students. I wish I could teach them every day. Although, I’m exhausted after five hours, so the teaching day would need to be adjusted. Pic today is of my writing class... aren't that gorgeous!
3. MANNERS: My kids in this writing project are so polite – mostly – and it reminds me of and makes me grateful for good manners. Sending a shout out to those who raised these wonderful young people.
4. BRIBES: Ok, I’m not a parent and I’m not a trained teacher so even though I have respect from the students and they have good manners, I still resort to using chocolate occasionally [today we had Freddo Frogs] as bribes to ensure that said manners and respect are maintained. Actually, when I hear kids screaming in the supermarket I’d be grateful if parents subscribed to the ‘bribery’ method of maintaining some public peace!
5. JOHN CUSACK : I’m grateful for John Cusack. I think John Cusack is HOT! Very, very, very hot. I went to the movies tonight just to see him...! But I’m not quite sure why he did the movie Hot Tub Time Machine – the script was crap. But then again, I didn’t go for the script.

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