Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What I'm grateful for May 8 and 9...

1. PAMPERING GIRL’S DAY OUT: What a wonderful way to spend Saturday with my dear friends. I was grateful for 3.5 hours at Wellness@Port in Port Douglas, where we all spent our time lolling about in the quiet space being massaged, facialed, exfoliated, steamed and well, just pampered. I felt like I was walking on clouds when we finally said good-bye to our hosts Ian and Renee. I can’t wait to go back.
2. SALSA BAR AND GRILL: After such a relaxing afternoon all I wanted to do was get in my pjs, crawl into bed and order room service, but we had a birthday to celebrate, so we legged it – stylishly of course – to the fabulous Salsa Restaurant. I was grateful for the lively, energetic atmosphere, the cheeky waiter and the absolutely scrumptious food. I had their signature dish, Salsa's Jambalaya w/ fragrant rice, tiger prawns, squid, yabbies, smoked chicken, crocodile sausages. There were more forks than mine in my food that night and then a number spoons hit the Chocolate Cointreau SoufflĂ©. What a way to finish the perfect day.
3. EARLY MORNING SWIM: Such a peaceful way to start the day, taking a dip in the lagoon before going to work (see next entry). I was grateful that my friend - the Scary Commissioner - joined me for my self-designed aqua aerobics class. I wish I could start every day like that.
4. WHILEAWAY BOOKSTORE: It wasn’t all r’n’r in PD though, I did have to do some work and that came in the form of a book-signing at Whileaway Bookstore and Coffee Shop, which locals informed me was one of the town’s most popular meeting spots. And I know why. With over 6000 books at hand to choose from (and these are more exotic than those found in supermarkets) and some of the best coffee and chocolate brownies in PD, I wanted to not only make it MY regular spot, I wanted to BUY the place. What I really mean is that when I grow up I want to own a bookshop just like Whileaway where we’d hold readings and sell local artwork as well. Ah, it’s free to dream. Pic above is of the shop owner Devra King. I am grateful for the opportunity to meet with the locals in PD thanks to the invitation by Devra, and I look forward to launching my next book there in 2011.
5. HARRISONS RESTAURANT: Yes, my life and happiness completely revolves around my friends and food. I’m so glad they are like me! While I was signing books and chatting to locals the gals found Harrisons for breakfast. By the time I got there, they’d all but finished, but one gave me a piece of their toast, another gave me a piece of their bacon. Perhaps it was the love in their sharing that made it taste so good, but either way, I wanna go back there.

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