Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What I'm grateful for May 4...

1. ALLAN J CLARKE: Do you know him? You should. He’s a deadly journo doing it all for Living Black on SBS. I’m grateful for his absolute professionalism today – and the fact he smelt so, so, so good – when he interviewed me re the Indigenous Literacy Project and the upcoming fundraising event at the Sydney Writers’ Festival at the Sydney Writers’ Festival.
2. KODIE BEDFORD: Seriously, Kodie did not blink an eyelid as I ranted to Allan Clarke about not being able to do the interview without me having hair and make-up done. The thing is, for me, leaving home without foundation and lippy is like leaving home without a bra or cleaning my teeth. And when you do TV they tell you to arrive at the studio without any product in your hair and no makeup on. So, I left home without my Moroccan Oil and Glass and without any face paint. And then, when I arrived at 14 Herbert Street Artarmon, Allan had to negotiate with the makeup department about fixing my face while Kodie had to smile and entertain me. Gotta love the professionalism of our media and the need to please the ‘talent’. Hah! Love that term ‘talent’. If I was truly talented then I’d be able to perform without foundation and eye-liner, right? Anyway, I was VERY grateful for Kodie – whom I occasionally stalk on Twitter - listening to my explanations for the need for blush and hair straitening. She pretended to completely understand and didn’t once refer to me as a diva, as she should’ve! Today’s pics are of moi with Karla Grant – present of Living Black and moi with Allen and Kodie.
3. iPHONE GPS: I’m grateful for the maps feature on my iPhone because it seems half of Sydney’s cabbies don’t know where they’re going!
4. JAMIE @ THE GYM: I don’t know why but Jamie shouts me a V every day. One shouldn’t question generosity, one should just be grateful and I am.
5. LAN PHAM: Recently I employed the services of stylist Lan Pham to help me sort my wardrobe and teach me what to wear and how to wear it. I’ve learnt how to maximise my wardrobe and indeed how to wear everything I already have. You have no idea how grateful I am for the time Lan has given me and the advice she has shared. If you’d like to use her services also, see the flyer above!
6. RINA: I also need to add that I am incredibly grateful to Rina who did my hair and makeup at SBS today. She had a fairly bland canvas to work with and turned into a masterpiece. Of course, looking good makes you feel good, and then it was easier for me to work. Rina is a true miracle-worker! AND, we had a good goss and laugh as well.


Susan Whelan said...

As always, I'm feeling inspired to be more grateful for all the wonderful people and things in my life after reading your latest post. I love to read your daily reminders to reflect on my many blessings.

That having been said, can I confess that I am incredibly envious of your time with Lan Pham? I've been having a very frumpy-mum week and would love to have someone come and save me from my fashion tragic ways.

Dr Anita Heiss said...

Hi Susan - thanks for your comment and I'm so pleased you get something from my gratefulness blog.

I'm not a mummy and yet still feel frumpy but Lan actually helped me work my wardrobe to perfect the skills I already had in 'camouflaging' those bits we don't like so much. I reckon she was worth saving up for. I'm actually getting a whole lot more wear out of my clothes now! Let me know if you want me to hook you up with her.

Have a great week.