Friday, April 23, 2010

What I'm grateful for April 21...

1. TIME OUT: I made a decision today that from now on, I’d go out for lunch every other day. Leave the office, have a stretch, clear my head and eat something ‘naughty’. I’m grateful that I decided to do it... some might say, gave myself ‘permission’.
2. PRODUCTIVITY: Even with my ‘time out’ I managed to get an enormous amount of work done in eight hours in the office today. I’m grateful for the focus I found amongst a lot of distractions because it meant I had less work to do later at home.
3. BEAN BAG: There’s a seriously HUGE bean bag in my office. I mean it’s about three feet high. You can sleep in it! I sometimes do, when Caro’s not around. Today I was grateful just to sit in it a while and have a yarn with Caro. It’s comfy.
4. VERONICA LETUGI: I’m grateful to Ms Va Va Voom who took a pic of my novel Manhattan Dreaming at Sydney International Airport and sent it to me. Thanks love.
5. SAMANTHA MCCRAE: And similarly, I’m grateful to Ms Sam who took a pic of my novel in Book Street Hampton, Melbourne. How cool are my friends?

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Samantha MacRae said...

Thanks for the mention Anita :)