Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What I'm grateful for March 9...

1. DANIEL BROWNING: I’m impressed by journos / broadcasters who interview off the cuff and seem to effortlessly make thirty minutes flow, make me feel comfortable, and make me want to give it all away on air, indeed on Radio National’s AWAYE! One of those broadcasters is the very handsome Daniel Browning [see pic] who’s been on both sides of the desk with me at the ABC on various occasions. I’m grateful for his ability in being a great media-maker and also for being my friend. Tune into AWAYE! On Saturdays at 6pm (repeated Monday’s at 3pm).
2. THE CHILDREN’S BOOKSHOP: I met local readers at The Children’s Bookshop in Beecroft tonight, and had an absolute ball. I believe time is the greatest gift you can give anyone, so people giving of their time to come and meet me, and taking time to read my books is a great gift. So I am grateful to all those who showed up, listened to my rave, laughed when expected, shared information so I could learn also, and as an added bonus, bought books. Kudos to Paul and Audrey who own the store and to Ken and Trudy Powell [see pic above] who came along and channeled their daughter Cathy all the way from Italy.
3. JOHANNA BAKER-DOWDELL: I’m grateful for the yarn with journalist Johanna Baker-Dowdell for Strawberry Communications it’s nice to meet nice people.
4. LOOSE FITTING CLOTHES: Isn’t it great when we put something on and it feels loose, especially when we’ve been working out so hard to lose weight and get fit. Well this morning that happened. I put on a dress I bought in the Christmas sales, and let’s just say it was ‘snug’ when purchased. But today, when I put it on, then added my wide patent-leather black belt to it, it felt quite comfortable, even loose. Ten minutes later I realised I hadn’t done the zip up.
5. WAKING UP: Every morning I wake up I am grateful... considering what the alternative is.

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Anonymous said...

By the sounds of it my Mum and Dad did have a good time channeling me in Beecroft. Hopefully at some stage I will get the chance to meet you.