Monday, March 8, 2010

What I'm grateful for March 8...

1. DEBORAH CAMERON: I’m grateful for the opportunity to talk about my new book Manhattan Dreaming on 702 with Deborah Cameron this morning. More importantly we discussed issues around Indigenous literacy and the Indigenous Literacy Project. For the last two years Deb has run a silent auction to raise money for ILD, auctioning off books by guests on her show. Her efforts have raised $16,000 in the last two years. Not too shabby eh? If you’d like to listen to the interview, you can do so online now.
2. LARTEASHA SMITH: I’m grateful to deadly Koori Radio broadcaster Larteasha who welcomed me to her show today to talk about Manhattan Dreaming. It was a fun interview, and it always helps when those interviewing have read the book. I’m now a fan of Ms Larteasha.
3. POM POM SLIPPER BOOTS: I have a friend. Yes I do. In fact, I have a few friends. For some odd reason, some people actually like me. And I had dinner with one tonight. Let’s just refer to them as ‘M’. Well, ‘M’ presented me with a beautifully wrapped gift box with pink ribbon around it. The gift turned out to be super soft touch faux fur, funky lounge slippers with pom poms. ‘M’ thought I might look sexy sitting on my couch wearing my coffee coloured pom poms [see pic above]. In fact, I’m sitting on my couch now wearing them and I do look rather sexy. It’s a tad hot though... but they’ll be perfect for winter. I’m grateful for the generosity and thoughtfulness of my friend ‘M’.
4. TECHNOLOGY: I’m grateful for my lap-top, iPhone, iMac, card reader, camera, answer-machine and so on. It lets me keep in touch with all those people I miss most days – via word, voice, photo.
5.SILENT CABBIES: Don’t get me wrong, I’m not like Elaine in the Seinfeld episode where she pretends to be deaf so she doesn’t have to talk to the driver. But sometimes I just don’t want to talk. Yeah, yeah, I know some of you think I never stop talking, but I do, on the odd occasion take a breath and be silent. I particularly like to be silent just before an interview so I can think through the topic, issues, possible questions I may be asked. But this morning my cab driver huffed and puffed and cursed at pedestrians and just waited for me to ask if he was all right. Turned out he had a bad blind date on the weekend. He walked out on the woman immediately because he wanted to have kids and that’s why he was there...! Kids on the first date? He’s lucky she didn’t walk out first! Pity he didn’t realise I write books about being single, because I will use his little story somewhere, sometime. And it will include his comment to me: ‘Your community have the right idea, having kids young.’ At that point I took my childless-self out of the car. Yes, I really am grateful for cabbies who know when to stay silent.


groovyvirgochick said...

Those are some pretty sexy boots, wish I didn't have calves the size of
basketballs so I could get a pair.

liz Mclean said...

Hi Anita, I like the pom pom boots they are so cute , Boots are so comfortable , and they keep you warm, I live in my ugg boots in the mountains , can`t live with out them, have a great weekend all my love Liz M