Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What I'm grateful for March 23

1. POSITIVE PEOPLE: I’m positive almost always, except when I’m being negative of course. Seriously, I am a firm believer in the power of positive thinking and positive affirmations, so I am grateful that in my day-to-day existence I am surrounded by people who also take joy and pleasure in focussing on what’s possible on every level. Today I pay kudos to and am grateful for my office mates Caroline and Veronica for sharing the positivity with me.
2. EJ’s COOKING: I think we’ve pretty much established that I can’t cook. As I write this I’ve got roo bangers burning in the wok. I’ll roll them in mountain bread with tomato sauce and lettuce. That’s dinner in my house. So, and to the point of this entry, I am always grateful when someone else cooks for me. And especially sweet things. So, to my absolute delight I was presented with a parcel of homemade goodies recently. Caramel slice – my all time favourite and fruit cake – which I wasn’t a fan of really until Emma Joel made hers. It was the BEST fruit cake and slice I have EVER had. I kid you not. I ate the slice for breakfast (I know not very healthy but I let myself have one really bad day each week) and the fruit cake took me a week to go through. Oh dear... they make me want to learn to cook. Thank you Emma - that's her above with moi!
3. THE UNIVERSE: She is good to me and while ever she delivers the goods, I’ll continue to throw my wishes up to her and wait to see what she throws back. I’m grateful that thus far she’s been throwing gems my way.
4. THE COLBERT REPORT: Isn’t he a genius?! I’m grateful for some political satire on telly of an evening. I can’t watch anymore reality TV! The pick above is from Comedy Central.
5. ARETHA FRANKLIN: I found extra oomph in my stride this morning pounding the pavement to ‘The Queen of Soul’ and her affirming track RESPECT! I’m grateful for the woman, her words and of course, her deadly voice! I saw her live at the Star of the Desert arena in Las Vegas last June and it was one of the most spiritual moments I have ever had.

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