Friday, March 26, 2010

What I'm grateful for March 24...

1. DATE EXPECTATIONS: I’ve just finished reading Paul Reizen’s Date Expectations: one man’s voyage through the lonely hearts, and what an hilarious insight into the male psyche when it comes to blind dating. I loved it! I’m grateful the author was brave enough to expose himself so thoroughly.
2. ABILITY TO CRY: While others might be concerned with the level of tears I shed, I on the other hand am grateful for my ability to cry when I know so many who can’t – and honestly – really should. It’s a great emotional release and Mum always told me that tears were the cleanest water you could wash you face with.
3. HANGING WITH ‘M’ I really like hanging with M. Tonight we had delicious Thai at The Spot and then saw Blind Side with Sandra Bullock (highly recommend it). I’m grateful for the early gift of Lindt chocolate bunny M gave me, but more so M’s company. Always fantastic!
4. CHOC TOPS: Yes, it’s true you can’t have a visit to the cinema without a choc top. M always has the same flavour – boysenberry – I always have the ‘flavour of the week’. This week’s flavour: mint choc chip. Yummo.
5. SWEATY HUGS: I had a little bit of potentially exciting news today and I shared it with Jamie at the gym and he immediately raced around from behind of the front counter and gave me a big hug. I said, ‘I’m all sweaty and smelly’ and he said ‘I don’t care!’ I’m grateful for those moments that are more overwhelming than the fear of hugging someone sweaty. And I’m grateful to Jamie for being part of the start of my day, most days. He’s always chirpy.

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