Saturday, March 13, 2010

What I'm grateful for March 12...

Well today was the big day. The Sydney launch of Manhattan Dreaming at Gleebooks... it was one of the most wonderful events of my life. Really. Below I have only touched on the things I am grateful for...

1. FAMILY: I am so grateful for my family. Without their unconditional love and support I wouldn’t even be able to dream, let alone achieve what I have over the past few decades. It was important to have them there with my last night at the launch. Kudos to Mum (who dressed like Lauren Lucas on the cover of Manhattan Dreaming), my sister Gisella and my brothers Josef and Mark for being the best siblings you could hope for.
2. TERRI JANKE: The ever-gorgeous Ms Janke was shining again at the launch with another fabulous, funny and generous launch speech. And as a surprise, she managed to coerce a number of people including her husband, my publisher, publicist, life-coach, friends Robynne Quiggin, Prue Adams and Anita Hawkins who constituted her own ‘Glee Club’ and they performed New York New York... it was so much fun.
3. MARK ROSS : You may know the deadly hip-hop artist as Munkimuk. I know him as a talented musician and broadcaster on Koori Radio and I admire his work (especially since I have no musical ability at all!). I was grateful for his freestyle performance done on spec as part of the launch tonight. Love your work, Munk!
4. EMMA DONOVAN: If you haven’t heard the Divine Ms Donovan sing then your life is not complete. Emma has style and soul and a voice that many would die for, including me. Emma told me years ago she would sing at my wedding, but time is passing and no wedding date as yet, so I cashed in the offer early and had her sing at my launch. Please check out Emma’s website and be inspired, like I always am. And be sure and take the time to watch the video of her single NGARRAANGA (Remember).
5. GLEEBOOKS : It’s my favourite bookstore in Sydney, with an endless stream of events, and the best collection of Indigenous writing in the city. Thanks to Morgan Smith who put on last night’s event, which turned out to be her swan-song (she’s going to manage the new Gleebooks store in Dulwich Hill – very exciting!).
6. FRIENDS: What can I say? I am the luckiest girl in the world. Tonight I was surrounded by love, laughter, friendship, respect and good fun. Many of my old friends and some of my new friends, and people I’d never met before – but whom had read my work and / or followed my writing career – were here to act as midwives as part of the birthing of Manhattan Dreaming in Sydney. There are too many names to mention and I’d hate to leave anyone out, but I am grateful to each and every one of those who came along to catch up, hear great music (and sing as well) and to celebrate with me.
7. RANDOM HOUSE: I’m grateful for the faith that my publisher Larissa Edwards has in me, the professionalism and humour of my editor Elizabeth Cowell and the commitment of my publicist Emma Caddy. Without the Random House ‘Dreamteam’ I wouldn’t have Manhattan Dreaming (or any of my other ‘commercial women’s fiction’ titles. That’s right; we’re not calling it ‘chick-lit’ anymore).

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liz Mclean said...

Hi anita , yes you have to have family where would you be without them, my family is spread out of nsw, the only family member i talk to is my sister we are so close now, have a great sunday , btw I like the new hair do , very nice take care love liz