Saturday, March 13, 2010

What I'm grateful for March 11...

1. CONCORD LIBRARY : It’s like a literary oasis in the middle of suburban Flavelle Street Concord. If you live nearby, do yourself a favour and drop in, have a coffee, and simply enjoy the very bright, colourful space. I had ball there today talking about Manhattan Dreaming... and I am grateful for the invitation which gave me the opportunity to venture to a part of town I’d never been to before.
2. FRIENDLY FACES: As a performer I believe I’m only as good as my audience, so I am always grateful for friendly faces in the audience. I focus on the smiles and bright eyes and then I ‘m fine. Seeing someone frowning while I’m on stage can make a 30 minute stint seem like 24 hours. I was grateful for an entire audience of ‘friendly faces’ at the Concord Library who collectively made my time simply fly by.
3. MIRIAM COROWA: The stunning presenter on the ABCs Message Stick is a fabulous media star but also just a really lovely, gentle, beautiful woman. I’m grateful for the opportunity to yarn with her today about Manhattan Dreaming but also life generally. Miriam is doing a review of the novel which will appear on the Message Stick website
4. PAUL GALEA: He cuts and colours my hair at Lunio on Crown Street, Surry Hills. I could fall asleep on their comfy leather lounges at the basin. And of course, one only goes to the hairdresser because we love the head massage, right???
5. SLEEP: I almost fell asleep sitting up in the hair salon tonight, so I was grateful to crawl into bed and even more grateful for a solid sleep, the night before the big SHE-bang at Gleebooks.... see tomorrow’s blog!

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