Sunday, February 7, 2010

What I'm grateful for today...

Sunday 7 February

1. POET ANGELA GARDNER: I’m grateful for my friendship with the deadly poet and artist Angela Gardner. Angela and I have something in common in that our latest books- mine a novel, hers a collection of poetry - were both conceived in New York in 2008. Angela’s latest book is Views of the Hudson. Not only is Angela creative in the arts, but also in the kitchen, cooking an amazing okra dish for dinner. And I’m grateful for that also. It was delish!
2. MUMM: The other good thing about being friends with Angela is that she serves the best champagne. I had my first glass of Mumm Cordon Rough this evening. It’s like Cordon Bleu but red. Just kidding. It’s seriously fine bubbly. I’ll be visiting Angela’s kitchen again for sure!
3. DIESEL: I’m grateful for my membership to the QANTAS Club because not only can I read the paper and magazines for free, but occasionally I bump into interesting people like Mark Lizotte otherwise known as Diesel. He very generously agreed to a pic for the purpose of this blog – I am always on the job. What’s your fave Diesel tune? I particularly love the old tunes: "Come to Me" and "Tip of My Tongue".
4. GREEN TREE FROGS: Just 2km from the CBD of Brisbane there exists a Green Tree Frog that is noisier than five million crickets in chorus together. This frog’s throat must be aching, because my ears are. He lives outside Angela’s house and apparently the noise is a ‘mating’ sound. I think that frog is going to remain lonely this evening because there was absolutely nothing seductive about that ‘croak’! What am I grateful for then? Not staying near that frog while I’m in Brisbane!!!
5. AVID READER: I am grateful to this fabulous independent bookshop in West End, Brisbane. They have my books as their window display, not only Manhattan Dreaming, but also Not Meeting Mr Right and Avoiding Mr Right. I didn’t take a photo. But I will on Tuesday when we have the baby show.

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