Monday, December 28, 2009

What I'm grateful for today:

December 27
1. Frane banging the banger ie she discharged the Signal Cannon on the gun deck of the Round House Precinct in Fremantle. Don’t care? No neither do I, but she’s my friend, and she did have a crowd gathered to watch her push the red button and to hear the loud bang. So it was a big deal to her, so it was a big deal for me. Congratulations Frane, you are now an Honory Gunnery Officer. You can congratulate Frane also via her website at:
2. Young people: M&F’s children are delightful. They are full of the passion of youth and remind me of a time long ago when I was too. They party with friends and play on boats and flit in and out of the house at meal times, they even poach eggs – just like I used to do. And they always find the time to stop and chat with me, with their parents, with the old people. Ahh, to be young again. I’m grateful for the memories of what it used to be like.
3. Verity James took me to Must Wine Bar where I had my first Chili Martini and met Jerry Fraser – King Of Oysters who taught me how to shuck! I always wanted a good shuck! VJ also introduced me to Adam who was ‘tall, dark and unmissable’. And finally, before the clock struck 12 and the Cinderella’s headed home, VJ contributed the word ‘circuitous’ to my vocab list. I now know 5001 words.

4. Fridges in homes of two or more: I don’t have food in my fridge. Well rarely. Except when I have guests and it is suddenly full. My fridge at home has some soy sauce, Vegemite, fete bought jam and marmalade, a questionable jar of tomato paste and countless bottles of tap water. So it’s always exciting to go to Mum’s where she has two fridges full of food, always. F&M also have a fridge full of food. And they have a freezer that makes crushed ice, cubed ice and chills and filters water. I could stand there all day playing with it. Sounds like I don’t get out much doesn’t it? This is not true. I just like the simple things in life that’s all. And I love F&Ms fridge which has more condiments than you can point a stick at – eight types of mustard, various curry pastes and even Jerk Sauce from Jamaica. Actually I think Mark had a bit too much Jerk sauce today.
5. Shampoo: It not only cleanes my hair but also entertains me each morning at F&Ms place. They have more shampoo than the supermarket. Really. There’s almost no-where to stand in the shower as the space is full of bottles. It’s funny what rich people spend their money on isn’t it? Like champagne, mustard and fancy yoghurt and spa baths and international trips. And yet, there’s not a $5 shower caddy to hold the 15 bottles of shampoo. I think I’ll buy them one, you know, in the spirit of reconciliation. PS the good thing about the shampoo is that they have the same brand as me, so I can just replace my empty bottles with their full ones when I leave and they probably won’t even notice. :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Anita, it was great to meet you and Verity on Saturday! Looking forward to reading some of your books. Have to catch up for a coffee or wine when you're in Perth next. Keep up the blogging, its a great read!


Dr Anita Heiss said...

Hey Adam - Verity is launching my new book MANHATTAN DREAMING at Perth Writers' Week, on March 1st. Come along bring some friends and a sense of humour.

Details on my website in the 'Upcoming Appearances' section.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, I can't make it! I'm flying in from overseas the day after, how inconvenient, grr. Fingers crossed for better luck next time.