Saturday, December 12, 2009

What I'm grateful for today:

I was on the road Thursday / Friday and arrived home last night exhausted and, sorry, I didn’t get to do my ‘gratefulness list’. so here it is x two days. I promise to get back into routine tomorrow... or maybe the next day:)
What I’m grateful for today:
1. Everything about the READ WITH ME literacy day at Erambie Mission. Especially meeting the 150+ Koori kids. They inspired me, made me laugh, made me want to go back and do workshops with them on their own stories. I loved reading to them, creating characters with them, and watching them sit under the marquees and read books. Too deadly! Also, obviously, connecting with family for the first time, meeting Elders and meeting young women like me (ok, so they were a tad younger!). The entire event was a gift to me.
2. Walking along the main drag of Cowra early morning and just imagining the place where my Mum grew up. Was surprised there was no-one else out at 6.30am in the morning.
3. Standing on the bridge over the Lachlan and thinking about the history and heritage of the area.
4. Checking out the Aboriginal artwork on the pylons of the bridge. The murals were painted by local Aboriginal artist, Kym Freeman and depict the history of the Wiradjuri people who inhabited the Cowra area prior to invasion.
5. The friendly conversation with the fella in the local newsagency, just nice to be nice I reckon. It’s really not that hard, really.
6. The slooooooooooowwww service for coffee made me grateful for speedy baristas in Sydney, especially at Billy’s Bar Expresso in Maroubra Junction.
7. Waking up feeling in Sydney today feeling completely energetic after a solid night sleep.
8. A stunning day with Wendy, Clive, Charlie and Carol down La Perouse. Fish’n’chips, a sea breeze, an ocean view, laughter and plenty of storytelling. Perfect way to spend any Saturday in Sydney.
9. Plenty of machines and equipment free at the gym when I went this evening. Yes, sad, early Saturday night and Anita is at the gym... if only it showed!!
10. Saturday night proper on the couch with a copy of Women’s Health, Vogue and The Sydney Morning Herald while Seinfeld is on in the background. Life is good!

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