Thursday, December 10, 2009

What I'm grateful for today...

December 8 and 9:
Because I was so busy yesterday I didn’t get to do my gratefulness journal, so have doubled up today... so here are my 10 things I am grateful for:
1. Visiting my Mum’s Wiradjuri home at Erambie Mission, Cowra. I’ve waited a lifetime to come here. Still processing the wonderful emotion of being in the central west.
2. A phonecall with my cousin Donna in Canberra, to tell her I was in Cowra.
3. Connecting with a sistah – Bea – I first met back in Wagga at CSU in 1998. She lives at Erambie. Met her gorgeous son... want to smuggle him in my bag and take him home... so cute!
4. Being invited to be part of the Yalbillina Read With Me program at Erambie.
5. A helpful man who gave me directions near Liverpool.
6. The Yass Service Centre’s McDonald’s = clean toilets!
7. A group of Cowra teenagers who celebrated their end of year activities at the Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant. The girls all frocked up with hair done, the boys in jeans and baseball caps. They joked with the waitress, drank pink lemonade and reminded me of young love and innocent times. I couldn’t stop smiling as they chanted lemon chicken and left the drunken louts at schoolies on the Gold Coast for dead.
8. The miserable woman sitting next to me in the restaurant who kept tut-tutting the young people. She reminded me of how pleasant and happy I actually am.
9. Seinfeld – even when I’ve seen episodes twice before I still laugh out loud. Need to acknowledge Go Channel also, they show Seinfeld and Frasier – well written TV!
10. Some fabulous media interest in Manhattan Dreaming... details later!

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