Sunday, June 28, 2009

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Anita Heiss
Anita Heiss
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Eyitemi Egwuenu said...

Pardon me for contacting you through this medium but I have tried sending an email to but the mail was not delivered. I got a response that your email box was full. May I humbly ask if there is any other email address I can reach you by.My email address is OR if you would be so kind as to allow me, please let me intrude a bit more on that kindness by leaving the mail on this page here:

Hello, and good morning Anita,

It has been a very pleasant time going through your website. I came across your name as one of the contributing editors to the Macquarie PEN Anthology of Australian Literature Project.

I am Eyitemi Egwuenu and presently live in Sydney and am an ardent enthusiast of literature . I trained as a Medical Doctor and presently in a PhD program in Neuroscience. I have always been and still am very interested and excited by the written word; there is no one I believe who is greater than a woman or man who is gifted with original thoughts and the power of language to express it.

I have written poetry and short stories since I left high school but though I am fully aware that writing is quite a lonely vocation it is even more isolating still for someone in the sciences. Contact with the literary world is few and far between and my professional colleagues are forever wondering why I am always scribbling.

I particularly liked browsing your website; I found it very frank and open-hearted. I was fortunate to have a collection of my poetry titled "The Brimming Chalice" published in 2008. At present I am working on a novel,titled The Glimpse of a Dream.

May I send you the first three chapters of this novel for your appraisal. Pardon me, I know this is kind of out of the blue and I suddenly feel awkward for asking but I would really appreciate it if you could comment on it.

This mail is already too lengthy for a first mail ( it kind of reminds me of a section of your interview where you said

"A long, long time ago, before email, I was the world’s greatest pen pal. I used to write epic letters, simply because I loved to talk, and when the target of my communication wasn’t around, then I’d write what I wanted to say. It seemed I had enough to say to fill a book… well about six of them. So far..."

I must stop now before my missive comes close to filling an entire book. Thank you so much for your patience in reading this far.

I wish you good things,