Monday, April 15, 2013

Review: Spinifex Mouse

Written and illustrated by Norma McDonald
Magabala Books RRP: $21.95

Spinifex Mouse is the story of Cheeky who feeds on seeds, sometimes greedily, and who has unexpected and daring adventures.

Cheeky lives out his name by doing somersaults and showing off in front of a hungry snake in the spinifex grass of the Pilbara. The little mouse is asking for trouble – or to be eaten!

While the story is a risky tale of Cheeky potentially becoming a meal, it’s hard not to smile throughout this book due to the illustrations by the author Norma McDonald. As an artist’s McDonald, who is descended from the Yamitji people of the Gascoyne Region and the Nyungar people of the South West of Western Australia, has her work held in national collections in the Art Gallery of Western Australian and the National Gallery of Australia. 

In Spinifex Mouse, McDonald has nailed the marsupial known for being able to hop using their strong back legs when trying to get away from snakes and feral cats. The illustrations of Cheeky doing back flips and flying through the air thanks to an eagle’s claw are just too cute!

This hardcover title is a joy to behold.

Spinifex Mouse is available direct from Magabala Books  or Booktopia and all good bookstores!

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