Saturday, January 26, 2013

Why I’m grateful for rainy days like today…

I write this blog knowing there is stormy weather in Queensland right now, and after checking in on people I know in Bundy, I am grateful that everyone is safe. But I felt compelled to acknowledge that here in Sydney today I was grateful to wake early to the sound of rainfall. Here’s why…

1.     GUILT- FREE SLEEP IN: I am one of those people who says ‘If the sun is out, then I must be too!’ I feel guilty being indoors on a gorgeous day. But I often have to spend a few hours every weekend in my office to be able to meet deadlines (and because I’m a workaholic). But this morning when I work up about 5am and heard the rain, I felt grateful because I imagined it was a ‘guilt-free pass’ to stay in bed. Oh, I did some emails and Tweets from my pillow, but in a rare back-to-sleep-moment, found myself rising beyond 8am. Unheard of I tell you, unheard of. THANK YOU rain!

2.     PERFECT WEATHER FOR WRITING: This morning, with all my appreciation for the rain, I was reminded of how the chaos of life has forced me to let my ‘gratefulness blog’ slide in recent months. I started my focussed-blog in November 2009  after watching Oprah talk about her gratefulness journal. Today, I re-invigorated by commitment to being grateful every day, and I thank the rain for making me stay inside and pull together this short piece. Rainy days are perfect for writing generally… see pic below of my desk two weeks ago when it was dark at 2pm due to crappy weather. I got a lot of writing done that day on an essay, it wouldn’t have necessarily have happened if the sun was shining in all her glory.

3.     EXCUSE TO LIE ON COUCH /WATCH TELLY: As with points one and two above, I need the rain to justify me staying indoors. And so I am grateful for the grey skies for giving me the excuse to share some time with Will & Grace  on my couch today. I wish it would rain more often… it’s going to take me months to get through the entire series. Yes, I know I’m a decade or more behind everyone, but life is too short to watch THAT much television! And for the record, it could be called Jack & Karen!

4.     NO LUNGES NECESSARY: When I’m in Sydney I aim to do as many cross-fit classes as I can; this means lunges, kettle bells, pushups, skipping, blah blah blah. On Sundays, when my small gym is closed I walk 4km along the coast. BUT, the rain meant I couldn’t do my weekend power-walk. What a shame (she says sarcastically!). I’ll just have to do some crunches (not the chocolate variety) at home tonight… or not!

5.     PERMISSION TO EAT MUFFINS: Technically this has nothing to do with the weather, except that I felt that sitting at The Pavilion Café and watching the rainfall as the surf rolled in meant that it was almost necessary to eat a muffin and consume coffee. They’re running a business after all, can’t just sit there and sip water. As I’m currently counting calories and trying to lesson my caffeine intake (sleep much better without it), it was a real treat to do the coffee and cake thing that I felt was encouraged by the rain. My body (and no doubt my trainer) hopes the sun is out tomorrow so I can get back to normal in terms of my healthy routine. If not, then so be it, the universe will have spoken, and I will obey.

Why are you grateful for rainy days?


Leonie said...

I have 30 pairs of PJ's and when it rains I have permission to stay in the ones I am wearing for the whole day. I love that.

Cathy said...

I'm still in my PJs too - love a rainy day for that :)
I had planned on an afternoon of reading, but instead have spent the afternoon on the phone chatting to people. I rang some, some rang me...must be that kind of day.
And now I shall attempt some writing myself...rain is something to be very grateful for. Some communities need it (thinking of those that don't of course) and it gives us the opportunity to stop and find something a little more laid back to do...good for the soul.

Anonymous said...

I am grateful for the rain, especially in summer, because it brings the humidity down and I don't feel so dozy when it is hot. I'm also grateful because I love seeing the plants green and growing, especially in the local equivalent to the wet season (I'n smack bang next door to the Queensland border). And I'm grateful because I love hearing the sound of rain as I work on poetry. :)

bearspot said...

I'm sitting in a friend's house in Main Arm where the rain is so loud we can't hear ourselves speak. The cuaseway is flooded so we stuck here for a few days. Reading, scrabble interwebs and a bit of cooking coming up. You should kick back more often Anita it's good for the soul.

Cathy said...

I love this post Anita. Such good excuses (sorry I mean reasons) for staying inside ;-)

Dr Anita Heiss said...

Leonie - I love your way of thinking! Happy dirty PJ day :)

Cathy - sounds like it's a pyjama party all round! Like you I think it's also a good day to laze around and catch up on the phone. Hope you got some writing done as wel; :)

Philip - of course the plants! Everything will be lush again eh? Hope the sound of raindrops inspired your writing :)

Dear BearSpot - you are so right about kicking back. I felt better for and yet, still got a massive amount done AND saw friends at the start and end of the day. Did you win scrabble?? :)

Cathy - so glad you clarified excuses to reasons :) It's wet where you are also, but I know you'll make it productive!

It's raining AGAIN today here, but I'm in the office working working :)

Have a great day everyone!