Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Why the kids in Cowra reckon you should visit…

On my recent trip to Cowra (Wiradjuri country) in Central NSW, I spent three afternoons at Mulyan Public School creating characters and settings and teaching the kids the importance of using their senses when writing. The final exercise each day was to brainstorm what they loved most about Cowra, and what they thought would best entice visitors to their town.

In pairs they drafted (in under fifteen minutes) and then presented in their best radio voices what it would sound like if they did PR over the airwaves for TourismCowra,  Just re-reading these now reminds me of all the wonderful reason to head over the Blue Mountains again for a visit. I still haven’t tried the recommended fish’n’chips!

Here are their short radio grabs:

Wyangala Dam, take your fam…
POW!  Cowra really loves you
We got friendly peeps, houses are cheap.
Cowra’s the best, we all rule.
If you ever come here, we’ll make you drool.
We make the others look like a fool.
I’m on the radio, even though I’m still in school.
By Dylan Andrew and Xavier Gauci

Lachlan River is the best,
With lots of places to rest.
Lots of friendly people to meet,
With great places to shop in the main street.
I dare you to come to Cowra!
By Kyesha Ingram and Sarah Gardener

You’re live with Janae and Courtney.
We are going to discuss why you should visit Cowra.
The Great Escape.
Number 1 would be to view the sights at Billy Goat Hill.
Then have a cracking good time at the mill.
Number 2 would have to be to go to the Lachlan River and catch a fish.
Once you are done, have a wonderful dish…
at the services club.
Number 3 would be to walk around the POW camp.
And then skateboard at the local skatepark
and flip down the ramp.
We hope you have a ball at the mall
In Cowra.
By Janae Hinderagar and Courtney Chambers.

 You must come to Cowra because the Japanese Gardens are the best.
Better than the rest.
Come have some wine at the Mill.
Don’t worry about the bill.
Have a swim in the Lachlan River,
After you get out it’s sure to make you shiver.
We have lots of magnificent sports.
We never score naughts.
Lots of parks for sports
Enchanting hotels and resorts.
Kangaroos and wombats walking around
They don’t even make a sound.
By Ellee White and Hollie Crawley.

Here in Cowra, we’ve got Billy Goat Hill,
You’ll really like it, yes you will.
You can go to Farleys Beach.
And have a lot to eat.
You can watch the sunrise and watch the sunset.
You’ll have a good time, I’ll make a bet.
By Darkyha Collett and Danieka Williams.

Come to Cowra because you get the best fish and chips in the world,
And it is the cleanest town in the world.
By Hannah Stone

We would like you to come to Cowra because …
there are great views and our town is very tidy.
By Jacob Heata

 Dawn breaks in Cowra - view from Billy Goat Hill

Come to Cowra, its great.
Come to Cowra, the people are great.
Come and see the great Cowra from the top of Billy Goat Hill.
By Kayne Veney

Come to Cowra because you get the best fish and chips in the world.
It is the cleanest place on the planet.
By Zoe Browne

Cowra is a special place because you get to play football.
You get to kick the football wherever you go.
The weather is sunny and you get to rest near the trees and walk past the football fields.
The people are happy and remember Cowra is fantastic so be good and come to Cowra.
By Ryan Carroll

You should come to Cowra because it has the Cowra Show.
It has the best food.
It has the Lachlan river and the Cowra pool.
It’s a clean town and the people are fabulous.
It has parks, shops and it is a clean town.
Cowra has the best view at Billy Goat Hill.
By Jaiden Farrell

Cowra is a good place
Cowra is a tidy place.
Cowra is a lovely place.
By Makayla Bridgett

Cowra, where the people are fabulous
and the streets are clean.
The weather is sunny.
The grapevines are amazing.
The best wines in Australia.
By Rory Boland

We want you to visit Cowra because we sell the country’s best fish and chips and we make the best canola in the world.
By Clayton Hayes.

 A beautiful sunrise - view from Billy Goat Hill

You should come to Cowra because it is tidy.
At Billy Goat Hill you get the best view.
You can do the coolest tricks at the skate park.
Thankyou for coming to the best town,
By Lawson Spratt

Where the streets are clean.
See the sights at Billy Goat Hill.
The people are amazing.
The best town in Australia.
By Lucy Murray

Cowra is cool.
It is fun.
It is awesome.
The food places are yum!
The weather is always hot.
It is great.
You should come and play at the Cowra Pool.
By Tanika Lanyrie

You should come to Cowra because it has the best food. It has the Lachlan River and the Cowra pool. People should come because it has parks and it is a clean town. It has good views at Billy Goat Hill.
By Leroy Murray

We want you fellows to come to Cowra because our streets are like crystals.
We will give everything free at Cowra.
By Zac Olbourne

We want you to come to Cowra because we have the best fish and chips. The streets are clean and at Billy Goat Hill you can see all of Cowra.
By Mackenzie Crook

Now, who wants to come on a road trip with me back to Cowra?

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