Saturday, March 27, 2010

What I'm grateful for March 25...

1. INSTYLE AWARDS: I’m humbled, excited and grateful to be nominated in this year’s InStyle Women of Style Awards in the Arts and Community category, alongside I might add, the gorgeous Deborah Mailman. There’s a fancy dinner in May that I will need to frock up for which should be loads of fun. Now, if you’d like to win a gorgeous Longines watch, you can vote in the Readers Choice category for any one of the nominees and go in the draw. Click here and GOOD LUCK!
2. HONEST MECHANICS: After an appalling experience with Suttons Rosebery and an over-inflated quote on a muffler, I was beyond grateful for the honest y and service of my local mechanic John @ Kevin’s Auto in Matraville who came in at under $400 for the same job. Shame on you Holden and Kudos to Kevin’s Auto.
3. MISO: I’m grateful that on the days that I am feeling a little hungry in the arvo I can just have a cup of miso soup to tied me over until dinner.
4. JAKE REID: The good Commissioner, I hate to admit, is probably funnier than I am. I have never laughed so hard as I have at meal times with my tidda. Today I nearly choked laughing as I lay in bed reading an email joke from her via my iPhone. If you haven’t heard the joke about the black bra, I’m sorry, but it’s hilarious! I’d post it here, but kiddies sometimes read my blog so I best not. [Pic of Jake and I at last year's NAIDOC Awards in Bris-Vegas]
5. LAUGHING WITH ELSIE: The joke was a tad saucy, but I shared it with Mum (Elsie) and she laughed so hard she keeled over legs crossed tightly for minutes. I was grateful for the moments of laughter with Elsie in her kitchen.

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