Monday, September 16, 2013

Brilliant businesswoman Cathie Reid is grateful...

Today I am excited I can welcome to my blog the first of the wonderful connections I made at the #womenCAN conference in Port Douglas recently. Hosted by the Women in Focus  team of the CBA, the event brought together 140 women who are positively disrupting their industries through the businesses they run. I was grateful having been invited to learn, but also to share so many inspiring stories and moments with women from around Australia. (I will blog my own gratefuls ASAP).

 #womenCAN l-to-r: Alexx Stuart, Emma Isaacs, Cathy Reid and Naomi Simpson

Cathie Reid is one of the women I got to spend time with, talking about life in general, and some fantastic fashion as well (see her gorgeous outfits above and below!)

Cathie is APHS Managing Partner  and APHS Packaging Founder but that’s not why she’s blogging today. I invited Cathy to share her gratefuls because I think she’s not only deadly in business, but also on the dance-floor.

Cathie says she is grateful for…

1.        Opportunities.  I am so grateful for the opportunities that continue to present whereby I am able to attend amazing thought provoking, stimulating events that also allow me to catch up with existing connections and make new ones.  Last weeks Women in Focus conference was a great example, and delivered a wonderful new connection with the amazing Anita Heiss!

2.       Health.  Good health is an asset that so many of us take for granted, but when friends undergo health challenges it is a salient reminder of how grateful I am for the good health I enjoy, and the responsibility to do everything I can to maintain that.

3.       My family.  I have a wonderful husband and two great kids who support and encourage me in everything I do, even when it involves spending time away from them.  They constantly find ways to surprise me and light up my world, and I am so grateful that they are in my life.

4.       The sheer joy women get from each other’s company.  The Women in Focus conference illustrated this in spades as we all embraced the opportunity to dance like loons to 80s music in the middle of a rainforest, with laughter and new friendships fizzing like champagne bubbles.  Women supporting other women is such a powerful force, and I am grateful to be part of supportive communities with like-minded women who love to celebrate being in each other’s company.

5.       Living in Queensland.  After leaving beautiful sunny days in Brisbane to head to equally beautiful sunny days in Port Douglas my arrival into Melbourne to a temperature of 14 degrees was a rude shock.  As I shivered in my shorts I was so grateful that life enables me to live in a climate that suits my cold blood!

 #womanCAN Cathie Reid with Adele Blair - another Brisbane business-babe


I can relate to all Cathie’s gratefuls – except husband and kids, and I’m good with that. How many of Cathie’s gratefuls can you relate to?

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