Friday, August 30, 2013

Author Lisa Walker is grateful...

Today I’m thrilled to have the lovely Lisa Walker  guesting here at my blog. Lisa and I met for the first time at the Byron Bay Writers’ Festival; we were on opposing teams at the Stella Prize trivia night, and then chick lit comrades on a panel the next day. That's us below, and I've written about it here! Lisa’s sense of humour makes me like her a lot. And I’m looking forward to reading her books; Sex, Lies and Bonsai  and Liar Bird.

In the meantime, I’m grateful I can share in the warmth of Lisa gratefuls – all of which I can also say ‘ditto’ to.

Pic by Diane Curran

 Lisa says: 'I am grateful for':

1.    Writing. Being able to share my thoughts in this way has brought me so many wonderful connections with readers and writers. It’s like diving into a refreshing pool of ideas and conversation. I meet with my little writing group every few weeks to share progress, stories and laughs. It enriches my life immeasurably.

 2.    Laughter: When we can laugh with someone we know we're on the same wavelength. I am grateful for the laughs I share with readers, family and friends. Not a day goes by when I can't find something to laugh at. Being overwhelmed by mirth is one of life’s great treats.

 3.    Love and heartbreak: Love comes in many forms. It can tear you apart and stick you back together again. I am grateful for the enduring love in my marriage and my overwhelming love for my children. But let’s not forget those mean bastards who have broken my heart in the past. Without you, I'd have nothing to write about.

 4.    Work: 'Love and work… work and love, that is all there is' said the peculiar, but sometimes spot on Sigmund Freud. Work can be a pain on days when I'd rather lie in bed, or go to the beach, but it also gives me a sense of purpose and engages me with the world. Right now, I have three jobs - I work at the writers centre in Byron Bay, I am an author and I am doing a Masters in Creative Writing at the University of Queensland. My 'to do' list is a mile long, but nothing on it is a chore.

 5.    The place I live: Here in the Northern Rivers the air is clean, the sea is blue and because it rains an awful lot, the rainforest flourishes. I don’t mind the cloudy days, they help us to enjoy the sun. Right now, the whales are jumping, the parrots are feeding and the water dragons are lazing in the warmth. If I had any sense I’d join them.

And because five things just aren’t enough… I am also grateful to have been asked to appear on Anita's blog. Thanks Anita! This is such a positive place and I feel like I'm part of a lovely conversation between go-getting women. Happy days indeed.


You can find out more about Lisa at the following:



Anonymous said...

And also, right now I'm grateful for Lindt dark chocolate. Have a great weekend in Brisvegas Anita.

Dr Anita Heiss said...

Oh Lisa, I am a HUGE fan of LIndt but just started Sugar-free September so no chocolate for me till OcSober! Please have some on my behalf. Have a LOT!
And thanks again for sharing your gratefuls, so much appreciated,

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