Thursday, December 20, 2012

Author extraordinaire Lisa Heidke is grateful …

Regular readers of my blog, tweets or Facebook page will know that I am good friends with Lisa Heidke We share a love of many things; books and writing, laughter and fine food, and now it seems from her gratefuls below, we also share an appreciation for underwire bras!
Lisa is an hilarious woman and talented author of four novels: Lucy Springer Gets Even, What Kate Did Next, Claudia’s Big Break and Stella Makes Good. So if you’re looking for a good read this summer grab one of her novels and escape to a swingers party on the north shore of Sydney or to the island paradise of Santorini!

 In the meantime, here’s what Lisa says she is grateful for today:
I could roll out the very real and heartfelt reasons why I am grateful every day which include having healthy children, loving family and friends, education, strict gun laws and a gorgeous cat who truly adores me, but that would be obvious so I will say I am grateful for:
1.     Underwire bras – once you get to a certain age and a certain bust size, you need the support. (Or at least I do!)

2.     Toilet paper – you only realise how much you really appreciate 3 Ply when you’re stuck in the middle of the country with only leaves and twigs to help you out.

3.     Mistakes – I’ve made a few but I keep telling myself that life is an adventure and that making mistakes  is a necessary part of that journey. The problem is, I keep making the same ones. And every time, I slap myself on the head and ask why. Why do I never learn? (If anyone can answer this for me I would be very grateful indeed!)

4.     Flowers - blooms of every colour and size, because they are pretty, smell great and make me feel happy.

5.     Ditto books – Okay, so they might not smell great but I love all kinds of books... illustrated kid’s books, Young Adult, historical fiction and yes, chick lit. It would be a very sad and boring world if there was only one genre of literature. I love all authors too because I know how hard they work to write the best stories they possibly can. 

6.     Laughter –Some people take life a tad too seriously. Where would we be without humour? I have to laugh, especially after I have made mistakes like not wearing underwire bras at the gym and not taking toilet paper with me on long and isolated country drives!
 With the gorgeous Lisa at the Opera Bar, Deadly Awards 2011


Dianne said...

Underwire bras! Couldn't agree more!

I'm grateful this year that I got to meet you both, Lisa and Anita xx

Merry Christmas, and I look forward to sharing more good times in 2013!

Di xx

Cathy said...

Yeah I am so pleased to see Lisa take part in your 'grateful' series, so thanks to you Anita. Thank you Lisa for your interesting collection of grateful things. Underwire bras made me smile. As did flowers and books. Merry Christmas to both of you :-)

Dr Anita Heiss said...

Dianne - I'm grateful to have met you also! Looking forward to another 'gathering' in 2013. Have a fabulous Christmas. Love, Anita X

Cathy - Thanks for dropping by and hoping that 2013 is your best year yet. Loads of love from Sydney! X Anita

Louise Reynolds said...

Lisa, I've snicked and cut the underwire from most of my bras...that wicked curve of metal that makes us all have wunder-breasts was killing me. But I miss the hydraulics :-) Big YES to books, big YES to flowers and plants, travel and friends. Merry Christmas!

Lisa H said...

Sorry, I am so late commenting but have been in Bali sipping Maragritas...and now the post holiday hangove is kicking in.
Thanks, Di. So great meeting you in 2012, too!
Thanks Cathy. I love Anita's 'grateful' series, too.
Louise, my breats couldn't cope without underwire! (TMI?)
Finally, thanks so much Anita for having me over! xxx