Saturday, February 11, 2012

G words I’m grateful for today...

 ·         GADIGAL: The traditional owners of the Sydney City region are the Gadigal or Cadigal band. I’m on the road so much it is always paradise for me to wake up in Gadigal country, as this is where my life is, where my immediate family, many of my closest friends and my heart. I’m so grateful I can call this place home that I was one of many Aboriginal writers who contributed to the anthology Life in Gadigal Country (2002), with a deadly cover design by Khi-Lee Thorpe.

·         GENIOPHOBIA: I love this word, it means fear of chins. I’m afraid I’m getting a second one!

·         GOLUPTIOUS: How cool is this word? It means delightful, magnificent; luscious. I’m grateful I had a goluptious day!

·         GYNIOLATRY:   Meaning deep respect or devotion of women or a particular woman. I’d be grateful as we had into Valentine’s Day if someone felt that way about me! *am smiling*

·         GELATO: In actual fact, I’m grateful I was strong enough to walk past Gelatisimo at Eastgardens today, but if I WERE to stop, I would’ve ordered Veronese chocolate or banana or choc mint or macadamia and caramel or... or... or...or...

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