Monday, January 23, 2012

Cathy Powell is a grateful Aussie expat in Italy!

What a gift I have been given in term of the generosity of those who guest blog here. I learn something new and gain inspiration from each and every one, and today is no different.

Let me introduce you to Cathy Powell whom I first connected with on Facebook. Cathy liked my fan page and then we became ‘friends’ as it were, although we have never actually me. We also connect on Twitter (you can find Cathy here) and share a love of Australian books and reading.

Cathy told me that as she was born in Melbourne but grew up in Sydney, she liked the angle I took in Avoiding Mr Right, relocating my character Peta Tully to the city she never really got to know.

Through our connection, I’ve also met Cathy’s parents and spoken at their local church about the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. The world is full of people with similar passions, and that’s what I am also grateful for! 

Below however are the gratefuls that Cathy has listed about her wonderful life this year in ITALY! Read, smile, escape and share some of your own thoughts if you like and then read more about Cathy’s fabulous life on her blog An Italophile.

Cathy says: At the beginning of 2012 living in Italy I am grateful:

1.  My children have made such progress in the Italian school system. 
It has not been an easy transition.  I have often struggled with the way things work here, and have found myself comparing the school system here to that in Australia.  The best thing is that they both now have two languages - English and Italian.  Both of my children have been complimented by how well they behave in the classroom.  Not only that, at their current schools they have integrated really well with the Italian children.

2. We have a roof over our heads. 
We saw a house in 2005 that we really loved and wanted to buy and make our own.  We have only been living here since June last year, and there is plenty still to do.

3. We have plenty of land so we can grow our own produce. 
We have had success this winter with lettuces (all have virtually been eaten before the frost hit), spinach and cauliflowers should be ready pretty soon. Below is a picture of some of our land.

4. The generosity of our neighbours. 
They do not live there full time, but they have often given us gifts of food.  I can also sense that the lady feels that I can get homesick and miss my family.  She wanted me to pass on special greetings to my mother and sister over the Christmas period.

5. My friends down under. 
Although I have been away for a long time, I have still managed to maintain a group of close female friends.  We had dinner together when I went home last year, and one of them said it was like I had never left.  Thanks to Skype, email and Facebook I can keep in touch with them.  They are irreplaceable.

6. More recently I am grateful to Adrian Petersen of Italian Reflections 
Adrian set up a group on Facebook for Expats in Italy.  For me it has proved a good sounding board.  Often there are people who have been through similar things to you.  They may not live around the corner, but it is a great support network.


Cathy said...

Thank you so much for featuring me on your blog Anita. I am feeling truly grateful in Italy :)

Rambling Tart said...

Wonderful things to be grateful for, Cathy! :-) Now my brain is whirring about things I'M thankful for! :-) xo

lisa | renovating italy said...

Well I am grateful for meeting you Cathy, you enrich my life. My friends both long distance and in Australia are a source of inspiration and a good kick up the backside when needed.
ciao bella x

ilcarretto-panzera said...

It is lovely to see you featured on Anita Heiss's page, I know how you admire her. It is also good to see that even in difficult times you can still count your blessings, which are many. I know from experience that your views are a great soother of the soul.