Thursday, September 15, 2011

Why I'm grateful for my Australian Indigenous Diary

Today I received in a plain brown package, inside was the extraordinarily colourful and cultural 2012 Australian Indigenous Diary published by Magabala Books in Broome. It was like Christmas had arrived significantly early, or perhaps my birthday was running late. Either way, it’s absolutely gorgeous and functional, and I am grateful for it... ‘Why?’ I hear you ask. Well...

Five reasons I’m grateful for the 2012 diary:

1. Extraordinary art work: If you’re like me and waiting to own your walls before you can buy original artwork to hang on them, then you will be grateful for this Diary which has a range of works across mediums between its covers. Those featured include Norma McDonald, Bradley Brown, Adam Hilland Leigh Oates

2. Wayne Quilliam photography: I’m fortunate to have worked with Wayne a few times, most significantly on author photos he took for me in 2008 on the day of the Melbourne launch of Avoiding Mr Right. So, naturally, I am already a fan of his work. But in Magabala’s diary, readers get the chance to see the breadth of skill and work Wayne has done over the years, including pics taken at National Apology Day (2008), the Garma Festival, and the Dreaming Festival, as well landscape images from Lake Eyre (SA), Kakadu National Park (NT) and the Central Desert. To check out Wayne’s work click here.

3. Significant dates: Unlike standard diaries which include ‘significant events’ like school holidays and public holidays, this diary is an educational tool with important information marked throughout informing it’s owner of significant moments in history. Learn about Mabo Day, the Freedom Rides, the Yirrkala Bark Petition and the celebration Australian Aboriginal cricket team of 1868. These are just a few moments among many, of course.

4. Language map: Perhaps the most innovative aspect of this diary is the fold-out AIATSIS map. So, it’s useful for people like me who travel extensively who need to always be aware of who’s country you’re on. I found the map a bonus!

5.  Stunning gift: The diary is spiral-bound hardcover book which is a keepsake and the perfect gift for Christmas, so I’m grateful that I can start my shopping as of NOW.

If you want to get a hold of the Australian Indigenous Diary for yourself or someone you think deserves something special,  you can order it on-line direct from Magabala Books here.


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