Saturday, August 20, 2011

Author Rekaya Gibson is grateful for her writing life...

It’s my pleasure to welcome back to my blog author and foodie Rekaya Gibson. Today she is
offering readers an insight into the five things she is grateful for in terms of her writing.

Rekaya says: 
  1. I am grateful for the fountain pen - the instrument that started it all. In addition, it is the currentselection for my first tattoo and the beginning of my midlife crisis.
  2. I am grateful for my ears. They allow me to hear some awesome book ideas. Now, I have over eight novels stored in my brain.  
  3. I am grateful for night time. I am a nocturnal writer, so my creativity and productivity increase when the sun goes down. It doubles after midnight. I have considered moving to Alaska, but I do not function well in the cold.
  4. I am grateful for e-Readers – the actual devices and those who love them. Last month alone, my latest novel, Mama Don’t Like Ugly  was downloaded 365 times on Amazon Kindle. Thank you everyone!
  5. I am grateful for my journey. Though rocky at times, I would not change a thing.  Every day is a special occasion and I am using the good china! 


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Ni'cola said...

Rekaya the words that you chose to depict your gratitude was beautiful. One thing that I can say is that you have a wonderful way with words, hence your ability to write such powerful pieces. Kudos Rekaya!

Ni'cola Mitchell