Monday, October 4, 2010

What I’m grateful for this week in Sydney:

1. FAMILY & FRIENDS: After submitting the latest draft of Paris Dreaming, it’s really wonderful to have more hours in the day to do the things that mean most to me, like hanging out with family and friends. I’m grateful for lunch with Michael at the Trinity Bar on Saturday, dinner with my Mum, siblings and nephews on Saturday night and spending Sunday at the Art Gallery of NSW enjoying the art+soul program with lots of friends, including Robynne and Karen (pictured above).
2. FILMS: I saw two movies in the past few days; Dinner for Schmucks with Steve Carrell who is a comedic genius, and The Diary of Wimpy Kid (chosen by my nephews). As concerning as this may sound to some, I actually enjoyed both films. Sometimes I’m just grateful for a meaningless laugh, and the opportunity to spend time with my nephews at the cinema.
3. FOOD: I’m grateful for the delish delights I allowed myself to indulge in these past few days. My highlights: steamed chocolate pudding at the AGNSW Cafe, apple crumble pizza at maranello's and a banana choc top at Hoyts. Of course, there was also a lot of salads and protein in between these deadly dishes.
4. FOTOS: Fotos are tangible memories. I am a tourist with my camera but have no real technical skills in taking decent photos. So I appreciate and am grateful to those who can capture certain moments properly, like Matt Sutton who was clicking madly at the Deadlys for Hart Magazine. Thanks for sending me the pics above Matt.
5. FITNESS: I’m grateful for being in a groove now where I feel guilty when I don’t do some form of exercise every day. It’s a bit freaky these days to find myself racing home from work to get to the gym before it closes. I really enjoy the rush. I also like knowing that if I do my self-imposed minimum requirement of exercise each day, I can treat myself to something ‘naughty’. I’m also off soy milk (and here’s why) and V! Apparently they were contributing to my belly, and not necessarily the wine and chocolate!

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Matt said...

Anita, you are more than welcome. Regards.