Friday, August 6, 2010

What I’m grateful for August 6...

1. GREASE: I’m grateful it’s on telly again tonight. I’ve missed Kenickie! The film takes me back to my childhood and when I first saw it at the age of 10. Of course, much of the storyline went over my head at the time, but I raced out and bought some black ‘Grease tights’ - as we all did. I think I might go get myself a new pair, slip into my stilettos and see if can’t find Rizzo and the Pink Ladies to hang with. Pic from FanPop.
2. ICEBERG LETTUCE: I’m grateful for iceberg lettuce; the one you grew up eating on sangers and in salads back in the old days, before there was cos, butter, mignuette, fancy,
mesculin and oak. And while I’m on it, do you remember when there was just white bread and brown bread back in the 70s, before it became a chore to buy the staple?
3. PARTY PIES: I rarely eat them now, but when we were kids we had them every Saturday at 12pm sharp. We’d sit at the kitchen table, and whoever was home would have party pies and sausage rolls for lunch. I remember doing this until my teens. It was a weekly ritual / treat and you could tell the time at Mum's place on Saturday but the pies cooking in the oven. Today I visited a school for NAIDOC week and they put a spread on of sweets etc and there was plate of party pies and they took me back to my youth. I was grateful for that momentary escape to a happy time.
4. PINK: the colour, not the singer. It’s my favourite colour, and after a rather challenging day seeing the colour pink this evening made me feel better about my day. In fact, I’m grateful for bright colours generally... and apropos of that, I am grateful for my eyesight.
5. FRIDAYS: Although I often work on weekends, I think most of us are glad for the sense of relief that Friday somehow manages to bring us. I know I was grateful when the sun went down today.

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