Saturday, August 21, 2010

What I’m grateful for August 19/ 20...

1. DEADLY STUDENTS: I was fortunate enough to have some very creative, well behaved, totally engaged and interesting students come through my workshops as part of the CLIC festival these past days. A big shout out to the students from Sadadeen, Living Waters, Bradshaw, and OLSH.
2. TEACHERS WHO DO THEIR JOBS: For someone who is not teacher trained and doesn’t have children of their own, I’m not remotely interested or trained in disciplining children in the classroom. So I am grateful to those teachers who don’t see visiting writers as an hour off for them just to read the paper, send text messages or sit and chat with each other. So, thank you to those teachers who involved themselves in the creative writing classes I ran.
3. THREE MINUTES OF FAME: As part of the CLIC festival dinner all authors were asked to speak about their ‘real job’. I was fascinated to learn that Narelle Oliver was a taxidermist, Pamela Lofts was a brain surgeon who performed her own lobotomy, Brian Faulkner was a Kiwi rapper (otherwise known as a Krapper), Archie Fusillo was a political speech writer and I was apparently a ‘lady of the night’. I’ll let you know how that career move is going in due course. I was grateful for the fabulous fun, the friendly locals who welcomed us and all our antics, and to the venue and staff at Madigan’s @ Desert Park. Pic of Pamela and Narelle above.
4. ARALUEN ARTS CENTRE: I spent a wonderful afternoon soaking up some world famous art including originals by Albert Namatjira but also new works in the Namatjira: The next generation collection. It highlighted for me my absolute inability to do anything of the visual arts nature, which made me appreciate the work even more. You can read about the Big hART Namatjira project here.
5. CHOCOLATE DATES: No, I don’t mean dark coloured fellas who take me out to dinner. I mean the fruit! I’ve gained weight this week and I’m convinced it’s because I haven’t been having my regular (to keep me regular) on my oats of a morning. So you can imagine my extreme gratitude to see plate of dates – albeit covered in chocolate – in the writers ‘Green Corner’ (a pseudo green room) at today’s festival. I had to eat them for ‘health reasons’. And they were delicious. I feel better already.


Sara said...

Happy Belated birthday!

BTW, if you liked the dates, you might want to try chocolate coated organic sultanas. And raspberries and strawberries to stop myself there.
Mrs. Flannery's sells them here in Brisbane and I hold them culpable for taking me up a cup size.

Ever tried Chinese Red Dates?
They're regarded as a blood tonic for women in tradition Chinese Medicine and they do have a way of greasing the pipes as they find their way out.

Looking forward to seeing you in Avid.
Cheers, xox

Dr Anita Heiss said...

Chinese Red Dates!? They sound fantastic! Will suss out Mrs Flannery's for sure when I'm there. Catch you at Avid Reader... should be another interesting night. I always love going there. Such a great bookshop! Peace till then!

Sara said...

Back when I was young and full of enthusiasm and I was studying chinese herbs/food as medicine, I used to make a rice congee (kind of like porridge, but with glutinous rice) for breakfast. I really must get into that again.

Anyhoo, thanks to the marvel of google I can give you a picture and a recipe that's very close to the one we had in class:


Dr Anita Heiss said...

Looks and sounds DELISH! Thanks!