Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What I'm grateful for May 31...

1. DEADLINES: Yes, I am grateful for deadlines. I work best under pressure. I am a deadline, schedule and list maniac.
2. SUBMITTING: I don’t know what you’re thinking, but I’m talking about submitting novels on time. There is no better feeling than hitting the ‘send’ button and knowing 75,000 words are traveling through the ether to the publisher. I like meeting my contractual obligations also!
3. CELEBRATING: I’m grateful that I know how to celebrate when I reach milestones. Tonight I celebrated submitting my mss with my friend ‘M’. We had an amazing Thai meal, drank a bottle of Piper and went to see the latest J-Lo film ‘Back Up Plan’. Loads of laughs, especially when ‘M’ spilled our popcorn before we even entered the cinema!
4. CADBURY SNACK: Ok, it’s not my favourite chocolate, because Lindt is, but I was grateful for moments of nostalgia today when I sucked down my Cadbury Snack chocolate bar as part of reaching my deadline. The pineapple and orange pieces took me back to the seventies and playing street cricket with the boys in Matraville. My life growing up was fantastic.
5. PEACE: I am grateful for the sense of peace I felt tonight.


Anonymous said...

Hi Anita. I too am celebrating as I finally have my copy of Manhattan Dreaming in my hot little hand, and I can't wait to start it. My dad lugged it around Germany and Austria, before getting here to Italy. Thank you so much for your inscription in the front of the book. I feel truly honoured, and one day, hope to meet you myself! All the best for Manuka tomorrow night.

Dr Anita Heiss said...

Hi Cathy - sounds like MD the book needs a passport! I'm glad your Dad and the novel arrived safely. Austria is my late father's homeland. I love it there. Looking forward to meeting one day as well. And thank you for the wishes for Manuka. It was a fabulous night. Sending peace to you and your folks. It's bucketing down in Sydney!

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