Saturday, June 5, 2010

What I'm grateful for June 4...

1. Matraville – because home is where the heart is.
2. Caffeine – because it keeps me awake and makes me happy. Of course I’d like to be happy without chemicals, but when I’m tired it’s impossible.
3. Road trips – I like the time alone on the road driving. I think, script, consider story-lines and listen to old CDs. Today’s fave was Enrique. My fave track ‘You’re my #1’.
4. Fast food – I’m naughty on road trips, I always allow myself fast food... not plugging anyone or anything in particular here, but it involved a burger and fries. I do this on very rare occasions!
5. Rain – only because it makes me feel less guilty about climbing into bed at 3pm – just for a nap that is.


Nick said...

Congratulations on your Award at the National Indigenous Art Awards! VIPs indeed!

Dr Anita Heiss said...

Hello Nick - thanks for dropping by and for your words. Were you there? Did you hear my VIP joke (or attempted joke?).

Much peace this Saturday.