Friday, June 4, 2010

What I'm grateful for June 3...

1. MY MECHANIC: I have the best mechanic in Sydney. Seriously. My family have been taking our cars to him for as long as I can remember. I am always grateful for the professional, friendly, honest service I receive at competitive prices. I know mechanics generally get bad wraps which is why I am noting him in my blog today. For the same service for you and your vehicle contact John @ Kevin Smith’s Auto, Matraville.
2. NLA: I was grateful to the National Library of Australia today for hosting a lunchtime event with / for yours truly.
3. PAPERCHAIN: I’m a big fan of our independent booksellers in Australia. My fave in Canberra is Paperchain so I was more than happy to pop into the Manuka store for an event to yarn about Manhattan Dreaming and the Indigenous Literacy Project. It was a fun night – I kinda like talking about myself – and we had a few laughs (mostly at my wig moving around too much!).
4. LONG FRIENDS: Most people say ‘old friends’ but that sounds like they are old. I think if you are talking about friends you have known a long time, then you should call them ‘long friends’. Makes sense to me. Anyway, I was grateful for my 24 hours in Canberra mostly because it gave me some time with long friends from various parts of my past including: my uni days, and my jobs at Streetwize Comics, the Australia Council, Queanbeyan RSL and AIDAB (now AUSAID). Quality not quantity was the motto of the day in terms of the time I spent with such special people who have been on my life journey from as far back as the 1980s. Pic above is of moi with my long friends.
5. NEW FRIENDS: My events in Canberra also facilitated the meeting of new friends; some from Facebook and Twitter and others who just came along to hear me talk about my writing. I am grateful for all those who came to my events – especially venturing out into Canberra night air.

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