Saturday, April 17, 2010

What I'm grateful for April 17...

1. VEGEMITE'N'CHEESE ON TOAST: Is there a better meal for Friday night on the couch? I think not! I'm grateful for the simple things in life.
2. SYTLISTS: I’m grateful to stylists for what they do for me: style. I am always grateful for those artists who serve to make me look better, whether it’s the hair or the face. Today I had the gorgeous and talented Lan Pham come ‘style’ me – my wardrobe, my clothes. It was so much fun learning how to accentuate my assets (as opposed to my ass!), throw out what I really shouldn’t be wearing, and work out how to maximise all of my wardrobe. And then of course we shopped! I like bargains, so was pleased that Myer had 40% of all Basque. Hello! I won’t give you Lan’s fashion tips here, because then she’ll be out of a job, but if you email me I’m happy to put you onto Lan, who showed me how to mix and match and throw lots of different outfits together. In my pic, I’m wearing something I wouldn’t have thrown together myself: Charlie Brown leggings from last year, a Charlie Brown top I’ve had for seven months but never worn, Anne Klein shoes purchase in Michigan four years ago, a David Lawrence denim jacket that is really old, and a gorgeous scarf given to me by my friend Kerry.
3. DAVID JONES FOOD HALL : Wow! Have you been there? It’s amazing. It has everything. It is like a maze of deliciously looking and tasting fresh food. I think it may have been the best sushi I’ve ever had today. I am grateful for the quick Saturday afternoon lunch in the food hall that gave me the fuel to go shopping!
4. NITA: I am grateful for my gorgeous girlfriend Nita. We’ve been mates since 1995 when we first worked on a project together for UTS. The project was really just the universe bringing us together. Since then we’ve shared years of laughter, lunches, bevies and brunches. I am grateful for Nita being so consistent in ensuring we catch up with our other friend Geraldine, and for the unconditional friendship they both offer me. I am truly blessed.
5. BISTRO MONCOR : Well, of course I’d heard about it, but I’d never been until Nita and Geraldine took me there on Thursday night. Might I suggest if you have something special planned, a dinner, or birthday or a ‘date’ head there for the service and energy and the fabulous food! Try the French onion soufflĂ© gratin, the caramel glazed apple tart and of course the French fries! And wash it all down with a glass or two of Les Petites Vignettes Cremant de Bourgogne. Nita wouldn’t let me take a photo of her on the night, so I took a pic of the bubbly and the chocolates I traded her for the dinner. I love the bartering system!
6. SYDNEY: I love this city. I’m grateful every morning that I wake up here, especially on mornings like today. Daybreak was simply stunning as I pounded the pavement at 7am. I can’t imagine starting the day any better than that!


Angela Sunde. said...

What a wonderful blogpost - so uplifting and positive. I keep a gratitude journal and you've inspired me to write in it tonight.
Best wishes

June Perkins said...

Must be so much fun working with a stylist Anita (:

Dr Anita Heiss said...

Hi Angela - I learned about the gratitude journal from Oprah and just translated it into my blog instead. It makes me stop and realise everyday how lucky I am! Glad yo found it inspiring. Peace, Anita

Dr Anita Heiss said...

Hi June - it was a tonne of fun! :)