Friday, March 5, 2010

What I'm grateful for March 4...

1. DRIVE TIME: I’m actually grateful when I have meetings and events in Wollongong because I enjoy the drive. It’s only 90 minutes from Sydney, but it gives me time to think, to sing, to script my media interviews and in a strange way it’s a form of ‘me time’.
2. SCWC: I’m a huge fan of the South Coast Writers’ Centre , and if you’re a writer or wannabe writer in the Illawarra then you should be a member! I’m grateful for their support of Manhattan Dreaming and hosting a launch for me in the Wollonging City Council building tonight.
3. ALI SMITH: Wollongong-based poet and Director of the SCWC is also my dear friend, and I am grateful to have been on my writing journey with her for some years now. I think we met back in 1999 at the Australian Society of Authors. Ali said some very nice things about me tonight, but the best line she ever said about me, quoted in the press back in 2007 was: ‘Anita has the best legs in Australian literature.’ Not a comment on my writing, but I’ll take that compliment any day.
4. ELDERS: This week I have been blessed by deadly Elders who have welcomed me to their country and given me permission to speak. I am grateful to Aunty Janet in Perth who welcomed me to Noongar Country, Uncle Lewis O’Brien who welcomed me to Kuarna Country and Aunty Barbara Nicholson who welcomed me to Wadi Wadi country. [Pic of Aunty Barb and I above]
5. AGNES DONOVAN: I’m grateful for the beautiful smile of Agnes who came along to the launch, brought some friends and her sense of humour. [Pic of the gals above]

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