Monday, March 15, 2010

Go the Knicks!

The best thing about setting a novel in New York was getting to do and see all those things I’d only ever read about or watched on TV. My highlights were:

* Most uplifting experience: seeing the Knicks play at Madison Square Garden. There was so much energy in the space it was impossible not to get caught up in the excitement. I loved the music, the tall men, the hot dogs and fairy floss, or cotton candy as the Americans call it. Lauren had a ball too.

* Most memorable moment: By far the most significant moment for me was seeing Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu on stage at Carnegie Hall. The minute his angelic voice hit my ears I started crying, seriously. I had never been so moved by any form of art in my life. It was amazing. And it reminded me of that scene in Pretty Woman when Julie Roberts was at the theatre with Richard Gere. I have to admit that I had a good look around for Richard but couldn’t see him. I was with Lauren of course but she wasn’t remotely interested in Richard Gere at all. “He’s too old!” she exclaimed when I mentioned his name. I still get a shiver when I think about that night, it was also below zero on the street and the wind was debilitating.

* Best dining experience: Having dinner at the Spice Market in the Meatpacking district with my ‘research assistant’ Vanessa, was the highlight of my dining experience in NYC. And although I wasn’t technically on a date, I was researching the perfect date. A Saigon Cosmo at the bar was followed by a feast of six courses, twelve flavours and more aromas that I can mention. I remember sitting there thinking at the time, ‘This is the best date I have ever been on.’ Of course I had my pen poised the whole time.

Tomorrow, I might give you some insights into the shopping research needed for the book.

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