Sunday, January 24, 2010

What I'm grateful for this weekend:

January 24th:
1. SONIA’S GREEN THUMB: I’m grateful today for Sonia’s green thumb. She is a gem with gardening. Me? I pretty much have NO thumbs when it comes to gardening. Let’s just say I’m probably the only person on the planet who can kill cactus / cacti. Today we created a mini-garden on my balcony. I now have orchids, gerberas, roses, gardenias, mint, thyme, Italian parsley, basil and something else that has stripy petals. Oh, and two cacti that I’m going to try and keep alive. See before and after shots above and Sonia.
2. SONIA’S COOKING SKILLS: I’ve had a productive weekend. I also managed to cook my first roast chicken. Yes, I am 41 and haven’t done it before. And I only just realised it’s so easy. Buy organic chicken. Shove lemon up butt, thyme under skin. Stick in oven with Pontiac potatoes. 25 mins per 500 gm. And voila. It was delicious. I feel like I achieved something great - all with Sonia's supervision. Next year I might try doing a leg of lamb.
3. PAVILION CAFE: I have a lot of my business meetings at the Pavilion Cafe at Maroubra Beach. I don’t plug in my lap top or anything, but I meet clients etc there as opposed to my rather bland office space. It’s a stunning place to start the day, for work or play. Today I had brekkie there as the rain drizzled and the little Nippers were running on the sand. I thought they’d call Nippers off, but as Sonia pointed out – if they’re going to be lifesavers of course they’ll be lifesaving in the rain one day. As I sat there eating my chilli eggs I was overcome with a sense of how grateful I am generally for my life. And how there was no better way to start Sunday than at my favourite beach in the whole world with a friend of 18 years.
4. BUNNINGS: I love Bunnings. I loitered around the building supplies and dreamed, checked out all the boys doing the same, and sucked in the smell of the BBQ out the front. Oh, I also bought my plants for the challenge mentioned above. I was grateful for the incredibly helpful / knowledgeable Bunning’s staffer who helped me choose some colour for my balcony.
5. BRAN NUE DAE : I saw the musical in Sydney and Canberra back in the early 1990s and loved the soundtrack then. Tonight I saw the film. It is a gem! Truly. It must be the feel-good film of 2010. Loved the humour, and am grateful for its uplifting ability. Special appreciation for our newest star Rocky McKenzie – GORGEOUS!!!


Anonymous said...

All those plants just look lovely Anita. I was given a plant the other day, by a co-worker as I started a new job, and I hope not to kill it! I have had mixed success with plants. I love Bunnings too - I once heard that more women shop there than men!

Bonita said...

Anita your weekend sounded beautifully warm. My point of view here in northern USA with snow and rain. Refreshing to read and receive a sense of warmth. I laughed 41 and first time baking chicken, doing that since I was 11. your mini flower garden is colorful don't overwater the cati. Thank you for sharing reflections of thankfulness. I feel renewed.

Dr Anita Heiss said...

Hi Cathy - thanks for yours. I'm very good at watering plants, and that's the problem, I tend to over-water. I'm going to do my best to keep these lot alive!!! Good luck with yours.

And yes, Bunnings is the best. I could spend hours roaming there... also good 'research' opportunities for the next book!! :)

Hey Bonita, great to hear from you in the northern hemisphere! I'm sending you some sunshine! And thanks for the tip re the watering... that is most definitely my problem! I should drink the water myself! :)

As for my cooking... never too late, right?

Peace ladies,

groovyvirgochick said...

You have inspired me to get my balcony renovation going I have the same affect on plants unfortunately.

What is it about Bunning’s I could spend hours there like a kid in a candy store?

Dr Anita Heiss said...

Wow! I better be careful what I write here... inspiring other gardeners is a little scary, even for me! Seriously, I went out onto my balcony this morning and felt like I had some friends waiting out there for me. The basil is already standing up! I am excited. When can I cut some of the gerberas and put them in a vase inside????
As for Bunnings? It's like nicotine for shoppers!

liz Mclean said...

Hi Anita, Gardening is so much fun you can plant anything you like , I`m doing roses at the moment in the Blue Mountains and trying to grow Herbs too, and I notice that you saw Bran Nue Dae, love the cast of the show look`s very enjoying the music is so cool too, Cooking is fun love making anything my best is at Roast Lamb Well Anita must sigh off now, Thanks for all your blogs great work Love Liz McLean btw Have a great week see you soon :)

Dr Anita Heiss said...

Hey Liz - gardening IS fun and I'm a tad excited about my little patch now. I've got one rose bush that's the only plant that's survived the years! Good luck with your roses.
Have a fantastic week! Anita