Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What I'm grateful for January 19...

1. RHYMING SLANG: I’m grateful to my neighbour who entertains me with fascinating stories and new words. Kim – yes the one who gave me the word blurge – today used slang that I couldn’t remember hearing before. In the middle of a story she let ‘lickety split’ slip and I needed the translation. Apparently it means ‘really fast’. It reminded me of ‘Aussie rhyming slang’ like Pat Malone (alone), Johnny Raper (paper), trouble and strife (wife), frog and toad (road) and of course Reg Grundies (undies). What’s your favourite rhyming slang phrase? Of course, a very popular (well not so popular with me for obvious reasons) is Captain Cook (take a look). Apropos of that, you know our mob say ‘Captain-Came-And-Took’!
2. WIRELESS: It only took me an hour on the phone to Mumbai but finally I managed to set up my Netgear wireless router this morning and finally be ‘on-line’. I’m grateful to the poor fella on the other end of the phone at 1.45am in India who maintained a sense of professionalism and humour as I cursed and almost cried.
3. UNDERWIRE BRAS: I’m grateful for underwire bras. And I still laugh to myself at the memory of my first boyfriend suggesting I get a push-up bra. I said, ‘I already have cleavage!’ The jury seems to be out on whether or not underwire bras can contribute to breast cancer... so it’s no joking matter.
4. RATIONAL THOUGHT: I’m grateful for rational thought today but boy life would be a helluva lot easier if everyone else thought rationally also!
5. BOOKINGS FOR SYDNEY LAUNCH: I’m grateful that bookings are already being taken for the launch of Manhattan Dreaming in Sydney on March 12. I’ve got my frock hanging on my bedroom door just waiting to make its debut. Yes, it’s a big deal for an author, the launch of their book into the world. It’s my version of giving birth – I don’t have, you know, real children. I breed books! If you’d like to come to the launch – i.e. birth – of my book at Gleebooks just book online here.


TEZ said...

I like a rhyme and a bit of the old rhyming slang too, instead of Captain Cook, go with butchers hook !

IN a pub known to the locals as The Kero Tin (The Carrington) they enjoy a dogs eye (meat pie) with dead horse (tomato sauce) and wash that down with a pigs ear (cold beer)!

Dr Anita Heiss said...

Butchers hook - I like it, and that's no porky pie! :)

liz Mclean said...

Hi Anita,
I`m Liz, a very good friend of Tez, on MySpace. You might have seen me on Tez`s friend list, I love what you write and do, you are amazing lady, love all your blogs seen you on Message Stick beautiful family Also I like to say many thanks Anita to you for being a true Australia , take care Anita see you soon , all my love Liz :)

Dr Anita Heiss said...

Dear Liza, thanks so much for your comment and for taking some of your precious time to read my blog today. Hope you are having a sensational weekend. Much peace, Anita