Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What I'm grateful for Jan 12/13...

Wednesday 13:
1. Mudgee Festival: I’ve been invited to the Mudgee Festival and I already know that on April 29 there will be no other place on the planet that I’d rather be, than in Mudgee!
2. Salt’n’pepper squid: OK, so I know I’ve probably already mentioned this, but it’s my favourite dish and I’m searching out the best in the world. Had my first in China Town, Montreal in 1995. It is up there with the best still. Also had sensational squid at Paris Café, La Perouse, and in Fremantle recently. Tonight’s version at Thai Riffic pretty good I must say. Always grateful for good food.
3. It’s Complicated - hilarious movie, highly recommended and left me grateful for never having been married, therefore, never divorced! ☺
4. Make-up artists: I am grateful for their skill in taking my face as a canvas and turning it into something more publicly palatable!
5. Michelle W: My friend Michelle and I met at the photocopy at the OzCo back in 2001. She taught me how to print double-side and then how to mail merge – well I never did get it right and so she always did it for me. We have been Princess Sistas ever since and I am grateful to her for her unconditional friendship, and princess ways.

Tuesday 12th January:
1. V before working out: seems I had it all back to front. I used to have my ‘pick me up’ after I worked out. Today I had my Sugar-free V before my workout and never had I moved so fast on the stepper! I have a new ritual. If I only I could move that fast without assistance!
2. Writing talisman: I had a lucky necklace when I wrote Manhattan Dreaming . It was a pendant I bought at The Met in New York and features in the novel. The cover of the next book I am writing – Paris Dreaming – is going to be egg shell blue. So when I was in Paris I bought myself a dress ring in that colour to be my writing talisman. I wore it today and powered through the chapter breakdowns. It is my lucky writing ring for this project.
3. My enablers: I’ve been advised that I have a lot of ‘enablers’ in my life and I just want to express publicly my gratitude to you for ‘enabling’ me on a daily basis. Thank you!
4.Oprah quotes: they are positive affirmations that make me think – as if I didn’t think enough already – and give me perspective on life on which to focus each day.
5. Wall planners
: how did I ever live without one? Now I can coordinate my life with red, pink, green, blue, brown, purple and black pens so I know where I am supposed to be and when, and whether or not its a meeting, conference, festival, media interview or holiday. Love it. Love Office Words Alexandria!

Today's pic - with the lovely Michelle, Christmas 2007!

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