Thursday, January 28, 2010

The baby has been born...

What I'm grateful for today... Thursday January 28:

1. MANHATTAN DREAMING: I am grateful my baby has finally been born, somewhat prematurely, arriving by courier this afternoon. She’s beautiful. She is full of colour like her mother. I am going to keep her to myself for a few weeks but you can visit her here every day if you like. Or read more about her on my website You’ll be able to visit her nationally as of March in independent bookstores, Dymocks, Angus & Robertson, Borders, Kmart and Big W. I’m pleased to say Mother and baby are doing well (see pic above)
2. SADLY MOANING HAROLD: Have you read the Sadly Moaning Harold: by Simon Luckhurst. It’s a witty and concise daily digest of all the news and current affairs you need. It takes the pith (and no that’s not said with a lisp) out of each edition of the Sydney Morning Herald - one day at a time... Surely this fella should be writing for Good News Week or the 7pm Project. Check it out and be grateful for the entertainment value of this site – his site, not mine!
3. POSITIVE FEEDBACK: Ok, we all like a little positive affirmation from strangers. We like it from those we love of course, but we expect it from them. It’s their duty right? But when a stranger says something nice about our work not knowing whether we’ll hear about it or not, well, shucks, that’s just something to be grateful for. My little Google alert thingy sent me this link today, a review of Not Meeting Mr Right by Adelheid.
4. CAFFEINE: I’m grateful for it in all its forms right now. It’s the only thing keeping me sane without chocolate in my life right now.
5. WEBSITE REVAMP: I’m grateful for the soft new pink look of the ‘Anita Heiss’ website, designed by Simon Luckhurst , he really is multi-talented.


Mark Anthony Hall said...

Greetings Dr. Heiss,

My name is Mark Anthony Hall. I stumbled across your name on another website. I followed the links to your page and was immediately blown away by your transmitted energy and verve.

If your striking drop-dead beauty wasn't enough, your intellect and social participation is quite overwhelming to a star stuck poor fellow. I look forward to reading your entries and following your success.

Just curious, am I the "12th"?

I will have to check your "baby" out and see where she takes you.

Goodbye for now.

Mark Anthony Hall

Dr Anita Heiss said...

Hi Mark - thanks for dropping by, and you'll be pleased to know you're the 17th!

I hope you're enjoying the interaction here and that life is treating you kindly in your part of the world.

Peace from Oz,