Monday, March 4, 2013

Yalari students: the next generation of Indigenous leaders

I was recently part of the Yalari Summer Camp held at the University of Qld at St Lucia. Over the weekend I was one of a number of programmed presenters including film director Khoa DoLoisPeeler (one of the original Sapphires), Karni Liddell(Paralympic swimmer), barrister-in-law Josh Creamer and the very deadly musical duo BusbyMarou

I only had 90 minutes to work with the 30 students (pictured below) who were there to be inspired and supported in their own leadership journeys.

Within my session we brainstormed ideas, concepts and notions of what it means to be an Indigenous Australian today, and what it means to be proud. The students broke off into groups to pen some raps in under 10 minutes. Here’s just a few lines of the first drafts they came up with.

I’m a black fella with pride
 in my culture and identity, I will not hide.
My Future proud and strong
Here on my homeland, I belong.
I’m set out for success,
 In honor of Yalari,
To do my best.
With a degree in my hand,
 I’ll wave the flag
In honor of my land.

*           *           *           *           *

Got to have an education
To have a reputation
From the black nation.
We have our own vibe
From our own tribe.
Our history was a mystery
From the stolen generation
Of our nation.

*           *           *           *           *

Yaama, were proud to be black,
Yalari Scholars 2006 go way back.
We’re the generation to make a new beginning,
but we still reminisce the dreamtime. 
We’ve had ups and downs in the past
 but we’ve got to look forward to the future.
We want to thank you Anita for showing us
that you don’t have to fit the profile to be black.

*           *           *           *           *

We’re all from different tribes,
being Indigenous is part of our lives.
Education, the vegetation is a generation,
 family support is great for us
especially when we are leaving home on the bus,
Jessica Mauboy and  Troy Cassar-Daley inspire us
to follow our dreams,
even when we’re not Gathering.

*           *           *           *           *

Bradley is black
how about that deadliest catch, that’s a fact.
Bet Julia Gillard is a match.
Prime Minister quality,
 overcome racial in-equality, he’s a Scotchie,
Next level: beep beep…. PRESIDENT.

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