Thursday, December 20, 2012


From Little Things Big Things Grow: 
the story of an East Timorese Primary School
One Day Hill   2011   $19.95

Inspired by the well-known Australian anthem From Little Things Big Things Grow written and performed by Kev Carmody and Paul Kelly, this is an uplifting story by years five and six of the Edmond Rice Primary School in Deleco, Timor Leste. The students took their class discussions of the Gurindji people’s peaceful yet determined protest for rights, and wrote about their own story, their school,  and what they have grown to have their today.

With the assistance of their teacher Katrina Powell the students tell their story in English with Tetun translations. With the same beat as the original song, we read with rhythm about the school beginnings with a blackboard but no tables or chairs (only logs to sit on), right through to their new school building today with five rooms and a verandah.

Accompanying the warm, grateful words are vibrant, detailed illustrations by the Deleco school students and others from the Art Moris art school.

The story of an East Timorese primary school, published by One Day Hill, shows how an important, meaningful story can be told simply and beautifully. Big thumbs up!

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